John English on the importance of thinking outside the box to lure players

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Think outside the box.

That advice of John English, chief executive officer of Webe Gaming, to other online betting operators has a recall of a business cliché, but it does ring true up until now, when people gets easily distracted by an array of choices in front of them.

In order for them to stay afloat in the business, English advised betting operators to come up with new, innovative ways in luring players to their sites and in the end keep them engaged.

The boom and bust of the Macau gambling industry, he said, offers a good lesson on how to stay ahead of the business curve amid a sudden downturn of business.

Macau, which is heavily reliant on high casino rollers, has faced many headwinds in the recent years due to corruption crackdown launched by the mainland government and the Chinese economic slowdown. With high rollers and middle-class patrons stepping away from the tables, Macau needed to develop a broader range of attractions to draw tourists from around the world.

“Sometimes, operators get caught in that box right there, [saying] that this is what we do and this is what we own. We take a look at Macau in general. Macau is a box.  You know it is going on a market boom, but all of a sudden, the junket market crashed and things has fallen out. Now they have to think of a different model, which is hospitality, entertainment model, night clubs, restaurants, things along those lines,” English told

“It’s all about being creative and thinking outside the box,” he added.

Even the online betting sector, he said, has its fair share of business predicaments, including the players’ ever-changing online gaming attitude.

To overcome these obstacles, English said Webe Gaming develops ways to make its players immersed in what they are betting on. One of the solutions they have come up, according to the Webe executive, was to develop sensors that will transport their players in a virtual reality.

“We talked today about in India. We talked about things in Asia, and we’re betting on every ball on every play, and players really want them now. They want to be immersed in the game. That’s what’s more important, keeping them engaged, keeping the bets rolling,” English said.

“It’s too new to tell and some people are repulsed by it because they don’t know how to do with the headsets. But little by little, it’s going to take hold, and I know it’s going to take over the whole gaming floor, and it’s going to have its own little niche,” he added.

It’s the core part of sports betting now. You can bet on almost every ball, on every play, and almost everything we do. It’s a staple, so if you don’t have it you’re not gonna succeed

In the west, we have limited online betting, so in the west we have a couple jurisdiction, we have new jersey, we have Nevada, you have few other states where online games is limited to poker, and nj you have casino games. That’s very small in terms of that, here in asia is everywhere.

In UK there’s hundreds of different types ways to engage a customer over the internet that’s legal?


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