RegularPay company announced an exclusive partnership proposition

RegularPay company announced an exclusive partnership proposition

31.05.2016 – RegularPay has launched a new campaign for its partners. Since now cooperation with RegularPay brings even more rewards than ever!

RegularPay company announced an exclusive partnership propositionAiming to enhance and improve its services, payment provider RegularPay is constantly developing. Its innovations and team of professionals do their best to encourage its partners business prosperity. All companions are able to use the last payment technologies and to enjoy simple, safe and quick transaction process.

Only by making few steps valuable benefits could be Yours too. Advantages package comprise the following:

– enhanced opportunities due to the established partnership with wide network of acquiring partners;

– more steady position in the market;

– possibilities to exchange an experience of working;

– overcoming the industry boundaries and spreading the business in various fields.

Commercial and technical partners, resellers! Any type of cooperation is welcome. We will appreciate collaboration with any kind of business. Should it be acquires, payment processing companies or others, each partner is important in making our services better and more useful!

Besides this, RegularPay holds out the hand of comradeship to its clients. In case of cooperation customers are guaranteed to get a special reward. Proposition suggests credit card affiliate programs, fee reductions, priority support, special bonus packages with attractive offers etc.

Why RegularPay?

RegularPay partners are ones, who has made a step towards effective business development. To co-work with RegularPay team a lot of reasons could be mentioned, involving:

– fair financial conditions for partnership;

– timely commission payouts;

– business relations with acquiring banks around the world;

– constantly expanding network of partnership;

– wide range of accessible industries;

– wide list of processing and settlement currencies;

– high approval ratio.

What are prerequisites of the partnership?

In order to let its partners earn more profit with each client, RegularPay offers special exclusive program, so-called individual cooperation program.

All, that is required, is signing a partnership agreement and providing RegularPay with potential clients. After clients change status from potential to current, partners obtain a reward.

As well as beneficial advantages RegularPay partners gain a significant strategic superiority among their competitors, business prosperity and the possibility to increase a customer base through a wide  range of accepted payment types.

Joint effort is the right track to enhance business and to satisfy all needs of both sides. So, get off the dime and look for more information here.