eSports Sexism Debate Ensues After Insensitive Na’Vi Article

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eSports outfit Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) has lit a fire under the ass of the eSports sexism debate after claiming that ’women’s emotional vulnerability’ is one of the impediments to professional success.

Poker and eSports have a few things in common.

eSports Sexism Debate Ensues After Insensitive Na’Vi ArticleA new one emerged this week.


The Ukrainian based eSports outfit Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) scored an own goal of epic proportions, when in an attempt to explore the problems contained within the eSports female minority report, they managed to write one of the most sexist articles you will ever read.

Twitter went mental.

The writer quickly pulled the article from the site, but not before eSports journalists across the globe managed to snag a quick screenshot or fifty.

There was also an apology.

It didn’t go down too well with readers angry that the focus was on hurting people’s feelings and not necessarily backtracking on the intent. Their reply was an absolute scream.

And What Did They Say?

While exploring reasons why there aren’t more females playing professional eSports, the Na’Vi writer, who I assume has been given a different job, decided to give a no holds barred opinion on the matter, backed up by zero fact.

Here’s a gem.

“You will rarely, if ever, meet a girl whose self-realization and contentment can be achieved through competition.”

I hope Serena Williams doesn’t get her hands on the author.

“This makes women inconsistent, and, considering practice games they miss because of other, ‘more important’ things, results in poor performance.”

It got worse.

“Women are crucially affected by poor choices they make and are prone to beating themselves up over them a lot more than men do.”

Is there something you want to tell us, Phil Hellmuth?

“Thus, women’s emotional vulnerability is considered to be one of the main problems which obstruct and delay their professional progress.”

It’s not the first-time Na’Vi has upset the sexism apple cart while at the same time doing something to try to promote female’s grip on the eSports environment. Two years ago, they launched their first all-female Dota 2 team.

All good, right?

It was until they wrote on their website: ‘From now on, five beautiful girls will represent the ranks of team Na’Vi in Dota2.’



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