eSportsPools Sponsors Major eSports Organization

eSportsPools Sponsors Major eSports Organization

eSportsPools Sponsors Major eSports OrganizationVancouver, BC.; November 11, 2015 ESP (eSportsPools) has entered into a strategic partnership with the major esports organization Natus Vincere (Na’Vi). ESP aims to solidify its presence in the industry as the goto place for fantasy esports through this partnership.

Natus Vincere is a staple in the esports world, having built championshipcalibre teams across all major game titles, such as DotA 2, CS:GO, HotS, and Hearthstone. For both Na’Vi and ESP this partnership is a means of cementing themselves in the eSports world. “We are glad to sign ESP as our fantasy partner and are very excited to be working with them in the upcoming months. We feel that we share the same values and a mutual passion for eSports.” said Yevhen Zolotarov, the Natus Vincere Business Development Director. “Together we will make our fantasy come true.”

The company is still quite young but the team behind ESP is no stranger to both the iGaming and esports industry. Prior to their venture into esports, the ESP team had created a product known as
TedBets a social wagering site for traditional sports. Others within the company were competitive gamers and held senior management roles at various esport companies.

The initial decision to enter the esports world over a year ago was prompted by the growth of the industry that the team expects to continue exponentially. Esports has grown from humble beginnings to now selling out whole arenas and has brought media giants, such as Turner Broadcasting, into the mix and shows no signs of slowing down.

In tandem with the continual growth of the industry, ESP has exciting projects on the horizon. “It’s exciting to work with teams and players that believe in our platform and want to help us
grow in the long term.” said Jason Fung, Chief Marketing Officer at ESP. “There is an incredible amount of external interest in what we’re doing,” said Fung. “We are in deep discussions on all fronts, including our next round of funding, more sponsorships, and white label solutions for others wanting to enter this space.”