BetStars Offer Odds at the PCA and Introduce Spin & Bet

BetStars Offer Odds at the PCA and Introduce Spin & Bet

Amaya Gaming’s new sports betting brand has released an innovative new feature called Spin & Bet, and also created a book for the final table of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event and $25k High Roller.

BetStars Offer Odds at the PCA and Introduce Spin & BetThey may be getting pelters when it comes to their customer service, but PokerStars’ innovation in game play is second to none.

PokerStars new sports betting brand, BetStars, has launched a new product called Spin & Bet. If that name sounds familiar then it is. Back in Sep 2015, PokerStars launched a lottery style hyper Sit n Go called Spin & Go. It’s become one of their most successful games. They will be hoping Spin & Bet curries the same favour.

How Does it Work?

To illustrate the game in action I will take you through a dummy example.

Imagine you wish to make a $10 bet on Arsenal to beat Stoke at odds of 3/1. You decide to go for the Spin & Bet option. 10% of your stake ($1) will now go towards the jackpot fund, and $9 will go towards your 3/1 bet that Arsenal will beat Stoke.

Now let’s imagine that Arsenal do beat Stoke. Your return is $36 (3 x $9 + your original stake of $9).

Now you spin the wheel.

Spin FactorProbability

Imagine you get lucky and hit the 10x multiplier. Your odds now change to 30/1 increasing your winnings from $36 to $279 (30 x $9 + $9 stake).

Guy Templer, Director of Group Business Development and Strategy, told the press that he was ‘excited by the launch of Spin & Bet’ believing it would be the ‘game-changing innovation in spots betting this year.’

PokerStars recently announced changes to their current logo so all of their gambling brands would have a uniform look. BetStars and DraftStars were part of that change.

BetStars Offering Odds for the PCA Main Event and $25k High Roller

I have just described a great way of combining casino and sports betting, today PokerStars combined poker and sports betting.

BetStars offered odds for both the PCA Main Event final table and the $25k High Roller.

At the time of writing, Phillip McAllister is the chip leader in the PCA Main Event. You could have gotten odds of 9.00 at the start of the contest for McAllister to go all the way. The 3.00 favourite Mike Watson is second in chips. Sean Winter was the 4.50 favourite in the $25k High Roller. At the time of writing Winter is leading the final four players.