Global Poker Link Continue Innovative Ideas With Heads-Up Challenge

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The Global Poker Link continues to be an innovative little creature with a brand new concept created to allow fans to compete in heads-up action against their favourite players alas eSports style.

When the Global Poker Link was created Alexander Dreyfus must have puked in his mouth.

Global Poker League.

Global Poker Link Continue Innovative Ideas With Heads-Up ChallengeGlobal Poker Link.



In one sense the two companies are entirely different. In many ways, they aren’t. What they both have in common is innovation, and a keen eye on the success story called eSports.

A blink of an eye ago, I brought you the news that NFL star Russel Okung had invested in a Seattle-based eSports start-up called Matcherino. The purpose of the new company was to create a platform where eSports fans and professional eSports athletes could use crowd funding to set up matches that (a) the fans wanted to see, or (b); the fans themselves participated. I remember thinking that it would be a great idea for the same to happen in poker.

Step forward and take a bow, Tyler Hancock.

The owner of Global Poker Link and the creator of the most innovative staking marketplace in the world has latched onto this idea and is currently rolling with it.

Members of the Global Poker Link community are being urged to be part of a New Years challenge for Dylan Hortin. The Global Poker Link’s Twitch star will try to turn a $5,000 profit from a starting bankroll of $500. The deadline is Feb 10th. He will sell action on the Global Poker Link Staking Marketplace, and players who participate in the crowd funding will win the opportunity to face Hortin in heads-up action with the chance to win some cash prizes.

Each time you buy a piece of Hortin’s action between Jan 5 and Feb 10, you will receive a raffle ticket. At the end of the challenge period, Hortin will hold the raffle live on Twitch and five people will be selected to compete against Hortin heads-up for three different prizes.

• Basic Prize: $50 heads-up freeroll live on Twitch

• Pro Prize: $100 heads-up freeroll live on Twitch

• Elite Prize: $500 heads-up freeroll live on Twitch

Basic prizes are handed to raffle ticket holders of all descriptions; Pro prizes go to people who have subscribed to Hortin’s Twitch channel, and Elite prizes go to people who cover all of the above and are also members of America’s Cardroom using bonus code (provip).

The money on offer isn’t life changing.

That isn’t the point.

It’s something new. The start of a change in the way we not only view poker but in the way we determine the action. Who knows, perhaps in the future we can use crowdfunding to select heads-up matches between some of the most interesting and exciting professional poker players in the business, or compete against your idols.


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