Global Poker Link Ink Deal With Americas Card Room

Global Poker Link Ink Deal With Americas Card Room

Poker community and staking marketplace Global Poker Link have inked a deal with Americas Card Room that will see players winning seats for the 2016 World Series of Poker.

The poker community and staking marketplace, Global Poker Link, has inked a deal with the Winning Poker Network’s (WPN) flagship site Americas Card Room.

Global Poker Link Ink Deal With Americas Card Room“Welcome back to the good ol’ days!” Reads the opening line of the press release that sits in my e-mail sandwiched between a note from Rich Roll telling me how his plant-based mission is going to transform mainstream culture, and Events at PokerStars telling me that I have $16 in my account so I should open up the client and lose it all.

Global Poker Link owner, Tyler Hancock, made his name in the early noughties when he realised he could earn significantly more money through rake-related schemes than he could playing. He created an affiliate site called, made a ton of money, moved on to form and then finally acquired Global Poker Link.

It’s no surprise then that Hancock’s brokered an affiliate type deal with Americas Card Room. The Global Poker Link will host freeroll tournaments with the winners handed seats in 2016 World Series of Poker (WSOP) events. The terms are simple. Players have to open an Americas Card Room Account, deposit a minimum of $25, generate $10 in total rake and also become a member of the Global Poker Link.

The Global Poker Link, who will be adding $15 to the prize pool for everyone who qualifies, are guaranteeing a seat into the second iteration of The Colossus and are hopeful of adding more free seats into the mix in the future, including a goal to offer seats into the 2016 WSOP Main Event.

The Global Poker Link is going to be making waves in the coming years. They are currently trialling their staking marketplace; a place where members can buy pieces of professional poker players and then sweat their action live on Twitch.

The marketplace is only open to members of the Global Poker Link Stream Team or Global Poker Link Team Pros. The Global Poker Link has three main streamers: Dylan Hortin, Rupert Elder and Christina Lindley.

The trio offer packages at either a fixed or auction price. Auctions have risen has high as a 1.6/1.7 markup, with punters admitting that it’s all about the sweat, so it’s a potentially profitable additional income stream for online poker players.

It’s not only online action. Christina Lindley recently sold pieces of her action in the WSOP Circuit Main Event in Planet Hollywood.

If you are interesting in staking or being staked, then head over to The Global Poker Link and check it out.