Seth Young talks about the future of daily fantasy sports

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Star Fantasy Leagues CEO Seth Young and’s Rebecca Liggero talk about the “golden” age of fantasy sports.

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Daily fantasy sports is quite a hot topic at the moment, but for Star Fantasy Leagues CEO Seth Young, there’s still more to the industry.

“I think we’re just scratching the surface. We’re on the golden age right now of fantasy sports for players, really,” Young told “There’s a lot of competition and because of that, there’s a lot of money going back to the customer. If you haven’t played, this is a really good time to do it.”

The CEO believes fantasy sports still has a lot of ground to cover, especially when it comes to introducing the game to traditional sports fans.

“People who generally play traditional season-long, they may not understand what daily fantasy sports is yet, but when they do, this is something that people like and seem to enjoy. It’s pure entertainment, one of the best things in my opinion that’s ever happened as a sports fan,” he explained.

Young said fantasy sports goes really well with sports betting, as it “makes the game relevant even in garbage time.”

“I play fantasy sports almost my entire adult life, but I can count on two hands the number of times I bet on sports on a regulated environment. It’s a different game,” Young said. “A fantasy sports game makes the game relevant even in garbage time, which sometimes a sports betting product might not allow you to do.”

Young’s company, Star Fantasy Leagues, offers a B2B product for groups who would like to license their technology and offer a fantasy sports product.

“What we’ve done is over the past three years, taking our team of engineers and built this incredible gaming system that allows you to daily, weekly and season-long fantasy sports. They’ll offer you the same experience as you would get on a daily fantasy sports site but with a lower amount of entry and a non-liquidity based system,” the CEO said.


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