Chris Sly: Playing With the Man Utd Class of 92

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Chris Sly talks to Lee Davy about his sports betting, playing football against the Manchester United Class of 92, and the expectations that come with being a father.

Chris Sly: Playing With the Man Utd Class of 92 Audio


I think the phrase that best sums up Chris Sly is ‘Top Bloke.’

You don’t have to be in his presence long to realize that if you fall into his inner circle, he will do anything for you. He will put you first. He will step away out of the limelight. He is a provider.

Chris Sly: Playing With the Man Utd Class of 92

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He is also a lucky bastard.

Whenever you ask someone what it is that they want to do in life, and they say they have done everything, you know the sun always shines on their TV.

I bumped into Sly at the partypoker WPT500 at Dusk till Dawn and dragged him into the VIP room for a little chat.

Is there any reason you chose Day 1A?

“I wanted to come down because the football is on and I like to play poker and watch football at the same time.”

The last time I saw you was in Vegas, and you were playing a lot of Chinese Poker. Are you still playing a lot?

“I haven’t played a lot since Vegas. I went crazy playing Chinese Poker – everyone did, but I think it’s calmed down now.”

Did you come away from Vegas with a headache?

“The Chinese poker saved my trip.”

I believe you are about to inherit some additional responsibilities?

“I recently got engaged, and we’re about to have a baby boy. I found out on Thursday. He is due April 14, and we are excited about the birth of our first child.”

What parts of parental responsibility scare you?

“I have to grow up now. I can’t be away at much. Take Vegas, for example, I will only play the Main Event next year. I have responsibility for other people now.”

Are you going to miss the life?

“I am getting on a bit now so I won’t miss it. I needed to calm down. After Vegas, my missus and I talked about having a baby and after agreeing that it was something we both wanted it happened immediately.”

You are a gambler, does this worry you now you have more responsibility?

“Yes, and no, I feel like I am in some excellent spots at the minute, and they enable me to support my family. I am not worried. I just can’t degen as much as I used to.”

Talk about your sports betting?

“I am doing lots more sports betting: NFL, football and studying a lot. I also do Fantasy Football, so I study and have big bets on that.”

Why do poker players gravitate towards NFL?

“A few seasons ago I never knew anything about NFL. It’s a great sport because you can gamble all of the time. It’s also good to study. It’s hard to beat, but I am doing very well at the moment. I have friends who are also into it, and we share information. I do a lot of studying on the NFL.”

Who is the most intimidating person you have met and why?

“Probably, Alex Ferguson. When I met him, I was starstruck. I stood there and stuttered. I am friends with a few of the top footballers now, but when you first meet people like Rio Ferdinand, and Wayne Rooney do you do stutter and things like that.”

What do you learn when you meet famous people like Rooney and Ferdinand?

“I played five-a-side against the Man Utd Class of 92 two months ago. When you play football and have a laugh with them, you realise they are normal down to earth people. They love the banter as much as the next person.”

Were you afraid of kicking any of them?

“When we first kicked off Paul {Scholes} booted Sam {Trickett} straight away. They took it seriously and hammered us. They were so good – especially Giggs and Scholes.”

How did you get involved?

“It came up in an auction for a team to play 30-minutes five-a-side and then have a meal afterwards. We played £5,000, and it worked out £1,000 per person. Giggs and Gary Neville have bought a hotel in Manchester, and we played on their top floor, and then we went to their restaurant and had food. It was an incredible experience.”

If I gave you 10,000 hours to learn anything what would it be?

“Learning to be a Dad, looking after my missus and my little dog.”

Give my teenage son some advice.

“Don’t get involved in poker, and listen to your Dad.’


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