Question of The Day – Who is your Super Bowl Pick?

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In this episode of’s Question of the Day, Rebecca Liggero asks some professionals in the online sports media and in the online gambling industry and ask Who is your pick on the NFL Super Bowl 2016?

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With the 2015 NFL Season in full swing, while in Las Vegas for the Westgate SuperContest launch weekend, caught up with some big names in the Sports Betting media industry to hear their predictions on who will win the 2016 Super Bowl.

“I’m going to say a rematch of the Seahawks and the Patriots”, said Matt Ufford of SB Nation, The Uffside. “Because A)I’m a shameless homer for the Seahawks, B)I’m unimaginative and C)I desperately crave revenge”.

“My pick is, its probably selfish or just is the whole fan in me, but I would like to see Peyton Manning get second Super Bowl”, said Clay Travis of Fox Sports. “So I’m going to pick Broncos. I don’t necessarily think they are going to win it, but that’s the bet I want to place because I tend to bet for the winning of championships based on the storyline and I would just like to see Peyton finish his career with winning a second Super Bowl”.

“I’m taking the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl this year”, declared Nick Kostos of CBS Sportsline. “Why? Because they have the best quarterback and the best player in the league in Aaron Rogers and I think they’re going to be very motivated by how they ended last season, losing in heart breaking fashion in the NFC championship game to the Seahawks. It’s the best offensive line up that Mike McCarthy has had in his time at Green Bay”.

Mike Shakelford of The Wizard of Odds, also know as “the wiz”, told, “My heart says the Baltimore Ravins, my brain says the Seattle Seahawks”.

“Well I never go for favorites, so if I’m going to take a sleeper team I’m looking at the Baltimore Ravins a little bit”, said Randle the Handle of The Toronto Sun. “I think there’s some value in that, there are a couple of other long shots that are worth consideration, unfortunately they might be in the same division as Baltimore. Pittsburgh looks like a pretty good team. Those are maybe the value teams at the moment”.


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