Incognito says NFL system is bogus, Goodell has too much power

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Incognito says NFL system is bogus, Goodell has too much powerRichie Incognito shared his thoughts on how the National Football League (NFL) investigate misconduct, comparing his case to Deflategate.

In November 2013, NFL hired Ted Wells, the NFL’s go to scandal investigator, to look at the bullying allegations that Jonathan Martin had made against a few of his Dolphins teammates—Incognito, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey.

In an interview with Newsday, Incognito talked about how the NFL investigates misconduct, and compared his case to Tom Brady’s four-month long Deflategate investigation. He accuses Wells of not being independent.

“I just think it’s bogus, the whole system in how it’s set up with Roger and the complete, absolute power he has,” Incognito said. “He has so much power and he hires independent investigators who come in and are obviously not independent. They come in with an agenda and they come in looking to find facts to back up their argument. All the facts are slanted in their favor.

In February 2014, Wells released a 144-page report stating the Incognito, Jerry and Pouncey engaged in a “pattern of harassment” directed toward Martin. Incognito noted that the Wells has left out information that would have helped him such as testimony from teammates and the guards.

“”You see that in [Tom] Brady’s case. There’s a lot of stuff that got left out. There’s a lot of misinformation,” said Incognito. “I think with Roger, with so much power, just keeps fumbling over independent investigations and making everything public. Roger can’t be the judge, jury and executioner on this thing. I understand league discipline.

As a result of Incognito was suspended for his final eight games with the Dolphins in 2013 and remained unsigned for the entire 2014 season but he was given a second chance by the Buffalo Bills.

While Brady waits for his federal case over his Deflategate four-game suspension to be adjudicated, arguing that Goodell has just made shit up as he went along, the sports book are adjusting the odds with the England Patriots at +900 behind the Green Bay Packers as the favorite to win at +600 and Philadelphia Eagles at +2200.

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