Confessions of a Poker Writer: An Orbit With a Writer

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In this week’s confessions series Lee Davy carries out a time and motion study in an Orbit with a Writer.

Confessions of a Poker Writer: An Orbit With a Writer07:26 – I see green. I rip the frog from my eyes (another story for another time). I roll over and pick up my mobile phone. It’s on the floor reducing my risk of head cancer.

07:28 – That’s not bad, I told my brain to wake me at 07.30. Who needs an alarm clock?

07:30 – My alarm clock scares the shit out of me.

07:31 – I switch on the laptop and research Liv Boeree, the Effective Altruism Global 2015 Summit, and I write some questions. I go to my ‘Interviewing Questions Database’ and pick one out to be to used as a curtain faller.

08:00 – I interview Liv Boeree via Skype. Liv is the first person I ever interviewed in a face-to-face scenario. It was in a hotel in Newport. I was such a fan boy. I asked a stranger to take our photo. Today she is in California and I am in Cardiff.

08:45 – I brush my teeth, take a leak and then connect with my wife Liza via Skype. She is also in California. I tell her I am in a rush. I am running around the house packing my backpack whilst talking to her on Skype. I take my vitamin supplements with warm lemon water; give my wife a virtual kiss and head out the door.

08:50 – I pass the beggars under the bridge. The new guy is there. I don’t like him. He’s dressed better than me.

08:55 – I’m listening to the Bulletproof Radio Podcast. The host Dave Asprey is interview Dr Daniel Amen about brain health. I am angry. They are saying people should eat some sugar and not beat themselves up about it. They miss the role addiction plays entirely.

09:00 – I go to the juice store to get a smoothie. It’s closed. I go to the indoor market. There is a vegan/vegetarian stall. I buy two vegan sausage rolls. The former Olympic silver medalist Colin Jackson is being interviewed by the fruit and veg stall. He looks old and that makes me feel old.

09:10 – I am in the library and create a vision that I will find the perfect seat. I do. I sit down and transcribe the Ben Warrington interview. It was a 90-minute interview, the longest I have ever done.

11:00 – I need a poo. I cannot poo anywhere but home. I leave the library.

11:10 – The turtle is trying to stick its neck out but I need bananas for my smoothie. I dive into the market and pick up some bananas, a stray broccoli also finds its way into my bag.

11:20 – I do the thing you really don’t want me writing about.

11:45 – I jump on Skype and interview Kim Alexander. He is the founder of LGBTPoker (now LGBTBet) and we talk about his new product for the next 30-minutes.

12:15 – I transcribe the interview and send it to Kim to check.

13:15 – I read. I am reading five books at the moment. I read a chapter from each: Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson (Business Book), The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley (Health & Nutrition), Blackout by Sarah Hepola (Alcohol & Addiction), Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk (Fiction), An Astronauts Guide to Life by Chris Hadfield (My Random Choice). I read Fight Club and Blackout last and take copious notes of words and phrases that inspire me in my ‘Words and Phrases’ notebook.

13:45 – I write an article and the BSOP and LAPT Season 8 finale merger, and one on the 14th WCOOP being the biggest ever.

15:45 – I make myself a smoothie.

16:00 – I call my Mum and talk to her about religion. I want to know how her views affected me when I was a child. She tells me that I picked most of my beliefs up from school. It was nice to chat with her about something other than the weather.

16:30 – I write an article about how it’s important to have an open mind if you want to quit alcohol.

17:30 – I take my vitamin supplements. I get antsy. I take my clothes off and sit around in the nude. I put a hat on and take a photo before sending it to Liza. She is flying to San Francisco I think.

17:45 – I meditate.

18:10 – Kim Alexander has returned the LGBT transcription so I give it the once over and send it in for publishing. Then I research and write an article about Matt Glantz being blocked by Jack Effel on Twitter. It’s one of those that gives me that should I/shouldn’t I feeling when I go to press the ‘send’ button? I click it.

19:30 – I take a bath and watch True Detective 2, what a waste of my life. We are five episodes in and I still don’t understand the plot.

20:30 – I do some research on articles I need to write the following day.

21:00 – I read again. The same routine as before.

21:30 – I post my alcohol blog from earlier and send it around the world. Then I write a diary entry and send them to my subscribers.

23:00 – I ring my son to speak to him. It’s my weekend coming up. He asks if he can stay at his friends. I agree as long as he spends an extra day with me. I am missing him.

23:30 – I feel the needy to be naughty. It’s because I’m lonely. Fortunately, there is nothing unhealthy in the house. I decide to eat some crackers with hummus and make some vegetable fried rice.

00:15 – I transcribe the Liv Boeree interview and send it to her.

01:00 – I try to connect with Liza but our Skype doesn’t work. We send little love emoticons to each other. Hers are brilliant. Mine are the manky grey cat you find on FB messenger.

01:25 – I read myself to sleep.

02:00 – Out go the lights.


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