June Delaware iGaming Results Down 42% Year-on-Year; Nevada Compact Not Changing a Thing

June Delaware iGaming Results Down 42% Year-on-Year; Nevada Compact Not Changing a Thing

The Delaware Lottery release their June results to the dismay of iGaming enthusiasts that want to see this type of gambling prosper in the United States after total iGaming revenue rings in at a 42% loss year-on-year.

June Delaware iGaming Results Down 42% Year-on-Year; Nevada Compact Not Changing a ThingIt’s been three months since Nevada and Delaware began sharing online poker player pools with their soft launch. A launch that is still not hard. The Delaware Lottery has released their June iGaming results and they continue to turn the cheeks of the states online poker zealots the color your finger goes when you tie floss around it too tight.

Total online gaming revenue for the month totaled $108,700. That’s down 18.7% on the $133,700 posted in May and $132,000 posted in April. If they take a look over their shoulder they will also see a 42% loss against the $187,332 earned year-on-year.

$30,700 of that cut came from the wallets of online poker players. That’s a 21.8% loss month-by-month, but rather interestingly a 20% betterment year-on-year. Don’t get too excited though as that was the worst performing month since action began in Nov 2013, and June’s total was the second worst of the year. It seems a certain percentage of Delawarean grinders bugger off to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for their annual bucket list attempt at glory.

Here is the total breakdown of that $108,700:

$32.8k Table Games

$45.2k Video Lottery

$30.7k Poker

301 new registrations

Here is the breakdown by location:


Total revenue for the month was $66.7k – a 9% loss month-on-month, and a 46% loss year-on-year.

$20.1k came through poker. That was a 31% decrease month-on-month and 26% increase year-on-year. Only January was a worse month this year. In contrast the Racino saw 156 new sign-ups, their highest monthly return since Sep 2014.

Dover Downs

Total revenue for Dover Downs came in a $26.8k. That was a 32% drop month-on-month, and a 42% drop year-on-year. It was the third month of the current year to fall below a $30k return.

On the poker front they clawed in $6.8k, a few hundred dollars higher than the $6.2k it earned last month, but a 10% worsement on the $7.6k it earned year-on-year. It was the lowest poker month of the year, and the second lowest since Nov 2013.

There were 84 new sign ups in the month, the second lowest since Nov 2013.


Rounding off the trip is Harrington.

Total iGaming for the month was $15.1k, a 27% drop month-on-month, and 10% drop year-on-year.

They earned $3.6k on the poker front, $200 less that the previous month and $1,500 more than last year. It’s safe to say that not many people are playing online poker in this place.

The Racino had 62 new sign ups, the third highest total since Oct last year.

So there you have it.

Nobody wants to play online poker in the state of Delaware, and I’m not hearing of any revolutionary plans to change that.

Until next month.