Delaware iGaming: September Revenue Lowest of the Year

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September iGaming revenues for the state of Delaware are the lowest of the year, as the three racinos: Dover Downs, Delaware and Harrington, earned combined total revenue of $145,022.

Delaware iGaming: September Revenue Lowest of the YearAs the brown leaves of autumn make their way from the trees, it seems the punters of the great USA are spending too much time sweeping them away.

The gambling capital of Nevada has witnessed revenue nose-dive for the second straight month, whilst Delaware have recorded their lowest return since the turn of the year.

Total revenue for the three combined racinos: Delaware Park, Dover Down, and Harrington, was $145,022, and that’s a figure that has not been as back creakingly low since Dec 2013.

Online poker’s haul of $32,305 is the third lowest of the year, table games have returned a dismal $58,039 – the lowest total since January – and the only saving grace has been the improvement in video lottery earnings, with $54,679 ringing in at a year’s best.

Total Gaming (Total State Revenue)

Jan – $145,667.62

Feb – $167,333.52

Mar – $207,038.41

Apr – $240,762.63

May – $175,410.49

Jun – $187,332.18

Jul – $172,496.41

Aug – $172,853.14

Sep – $145,022.22

Delaware Park

Whilst Delaware Park managed to persuade more people to join their iGaming business since March (193 new registrations), it’s a shame that they don’t seem to be high paying customers.

With total revenue coming in at $89,742, that’s the worst haul since the beginning of the year. Online poker earned $8,429 – the second lowest figure of the year behind the $7,586 earned in June; table games continued the trend with $44,086 being the lowest performance since the turn of the year, and only video lottery gave the owners anything to smile about with $26,524 being the best return since March.

Dover Downs

Dover Downs saw 112 new player registrations – their lowest number of the year – and so it was no surprise that their revenue haul of $38,261 was the second lowest performance of the year (albeit an improvement on the $34,920 earned in August).

Once again, Dover Downs experiencing the same trends as Delaware Park, with table games haul of $12,218 the lowest since May, and video poker’s $17,614 performing much better that the $11,775 it saw in August.

For the second consecutive month, online poker figures have fallen, with $8,429 not exactly setting the world alight in September.


Harrington’s story had a slightly different twist. Their 91 new registrations was a significant improvement over the 78 that it saw walk through their doors in August.

Their total revenue of $17,019 was their best performance since March; the $10,539 earned through video poker was the best since June, and Online Poker earned $4,745 – the second highest since April, but still down on the $6,269 it saw in August. Table games attracted a paltry $1,734, the second lowest figure of the year.


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