Second Screen Immerses Tech-savvy Viewers in Races

Oonagh Chan on Strategies to Engage Customers Outside of the Racetack

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is giving viewers the power of choice with its “second screen” technology.

The Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) is giving viewers the power of choice, even if it means having them actively participate in the races.

No, it doesn’t mean that viewers will have to run alongside horses. Rather, HKJC is using its “second screen” to connect with its customers.

“We use the second screen as a connector to connect (with) our customers. We have our TV presenters, and then connect our customers with themselves via the second screen chat room, and then the second screen chat room messages would be selected and then posted on to the primary screen to actually provide an opportunity for our customers to become an instant celebrity to saw the tips and their comments on the horse forms while they are actually watching the live horseracing,” said Oonagh Chan, head of broadcasting services, the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

With the technology of second screen, Chan explained viewers become immersed instead of just passively watching.

“With technology as an enabler, we are really trying to change the scenario by passively pushing the information to the customer or (those) passively sitting in front of the TV set to let them have a choice, to get the information that they want at any time, any device, anywhere using the mobile devices by installing our app,” she said.

This technology has helped HKJC to rejuvenate its customer base, whose customer profile has moved from the late 30s to the early 20s.

“What we do is try to capture the technology-savvy population,” Chan said. “By using the technology, we are able to engage in (much) younger customers.”

Despite pushing for more immersed viewers, Chan said passive watchers still have a choice in their viewing experience.

“For passive viewing experience, we also allow them to choose between watching with more camera angles with the second screen and to see more insider information on the second screen,” she said. “They can actually choose whatever they want to listen (to) or whatever they want to watch through our second screen.”

During last year’s Asian Racing Conference, Chan and television industry leaders pushed for a higher level of viewer experience in the racing industry with the help of cutting-edge technology. “We must unleash the power of choice by developing and designing content across multiple media platforms to enhance the customer’s experience,” Chan said.