Jeff Ifrah: NBA on sports betting in the United States

Jeff Ifrah on the position of Regulating NBa sports betting in US

Rebecca Liggerro talks to Jeff Ifrah of Ifrah Law as he discuss the position of NBA to legalize sports betting in the US.

According to Jeff Ifrah, NBA Asst. General Counsel Dan Spillane said that NBA’s position is to continue to discuss and propose regulated sports betting in the United States.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver considered sports betting as “inevitable” and has gone a few steps beyond that initial claim and has taken every opportunity to strengthen his case of bringing sports gambling “out of the underground.”

NBA owners were also coming out in force, throwing their support behind Silver.

“We’ve need to continue to have a dialogue. I think the continuous discussion, positive dialogue, positive PR, these types of things that can get the NFL and other leagues to be proponents for sports betting,” said Ifrah.

Ifrah also explained that New Jersey Sen. Raymond Lesniak‘s goal to bring sports betting in a federal level means that state by state path work is more complicated.

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