Bitcoin Jesus says invest in bitcoin and you shall reap

Bitcoin Jesus says invest in bitcoin and you shall reap

BitcoinBitcoin Jesus says invest in bitcoin and you shall reap entrepreneur and investor Roger Ver said that he believes it’s not too late to invest in Bitcoin during his speech at Pioneers Festival last week.

Ver is well-known in the Bitcoin community as an angel investor, having funded products including Blockchain, Ripple, and Blockpay. He is also known as “Bitcoin Jesus” after giving thousands of coins of the virtual currency away for free.

“Just this year we’re seeing major financial institutions get involved in Bitcoin,” said Ver. “Big banks like Goldman Sachs are getting involved — it’s hitting mainstream Wall Street. A couple of years ago this would have been unimaginable.”

Ver have predicted that that this year, the traditional Automated Teller Machine (ATM) will integrate bitcoin too, as it head towards worldwide adoption.

He also used Amazon as an example company which he thinks has a lot of potential to benefit from bitcoin. Ver pointed out that if Amazon switched to using Bitcoin, it could cancel out $2.6b a year cost on credit card processing fees and could double its annual profit.

“People will be using it for everything, from gambling, to sending money to foreign workers, to grocery shopping. More and more people are going to start using it, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind,” Ver said.

“Because the supply of Bitcoin is limited, the price of Bitcoin is going to have to increase and increase very substantially over time,” Ver added. “My advice is that if you’re interested in Bitcoin and excited by Bitcoin then buy some Bitcoin and hold onto them and you’re likely to do very well over time.”

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