Oron Barber on Bitcoin online marketing agency Coinpoint

Rebecca Liggero talks to Oron Barber, CEO of Coinpointan Australian-based online marketing agency focused on catering to the Bitcoin markets.

Oron Barber has been involved in igaming for 12 years. Having started at one of Playtech companies, Oron opened his own marketing agency later on and dealt with affiliates, traffic, PPC and SEO campaigns and other things. In the last 2 years, Oron has relocated in the Philippines, dealing mainly with the crypto coins. Oron also owns several projects in the Bitcoin Gambling market like bitcoingg.com / coinpoint.net / betcointech.com and others.

According to Barber, Coinpoint is a digital marketing agency dealing with Bitcoin brands, gambling and non gambling.

“In the gambling industry we focus on sports betting and casino brands. The services that we provide are all kinds of marketing, SEO services, pay per click, media buy and sell, affiliation and so on and also some internal marketing services,” said Barber.

He also discussed the opportunities for affiliates in Bitcoin and said that “for affiliates, these days to join the market of a bitcoin gambling maybe is too early to start making money out of it tomorrow but maybe the right time to penetrate the market and established your sources, to get the traffic and help all of us to educate the market to use bitcoin for gambling.”

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