Phil Hellmuth Appears on Fox Sports Live; Reality TV Show in the Works

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Phil Hellmuth appears on Fox Sports Live as a pundit on the poker-playing prowess of the NBA’s finest, and hints on Twitter about a forthcoming reality TV show.

It’s not difficult to figure out why the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) would seek assistance from Phil Hellmuth when it comes to fighting against Internet poker prohibition in the United States.

Phil Hellmuth Appears on Fox Sports Live; Reality TV Show in the WorksIrrespective of your thoughts on the part he has to play in our community, like it or not, he has one of the most commanding platforms. It’s what he does with that platform that’s of interest. He retweeted the PPA tweet. But did he contact congress?

He has over 215,000 followers on Twitter. Last week, he was hanging out with Floyd Mayweather. The Money has 5.7 million Twitter followers. That’s a lot of people.

This week he was found on a Fox Sports Live segment. Invited onto the show to give the lowdown on the poker prowess of some of the NBA’s finest. Are Fox Sports going to invite anyone else onto that show from the poker community?

I don’t think so.

He started with the Golden State Warriors.

“David Lee smashed us for $32,000 the other day. He’s tough. He has no fear.” Said Hellmuth.

Stephen Curry was next.

“Stephen Curry is playing a really good poker game; what a shocker! He’s great at everything.”

On Oklahoma City:

“Russell Westbrook is playing at a professional poker level. Every time this kid rolls into town he stays away from the bars and he challenges his mind by playing poker.”

And what was his view on Michael Jordan and LeBron James? Who did Hellmuth think was the best out of those two?

“LeBron has been playing high stakes poker for a long time. He plays with Jay-Z. I haven’t play with them yet, but I have hung out a little bit.

“Michael Jordan will not lose at anything he does. I have to give the nod to Michael Jordan for now. He has a little bit more experience. He used to play high stakes poker with Barkley, Pippen and Magic Johnson. Magic was the biggest winner of those four.”

So NBA players can play poker.

Can poker players shoot hoops?

The Phil Hellmuth Reality TV Show

Phil Hellmuth also tweeted about talks he had been having with United Talent Agency over a reality TV show featuring ‘some poker names you know.’

It’s not the first time that Hellmuth has been connected to a TV show. In 2011, he was close to joining the cast of Season 12 Dancing With Stars, and had to turn down a role in Celebrity Wife Swap, last year, after his missus put her foot well and truly down.

If Hellmuth does eventually get his own show, who would you like to see joining him?


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