Bernard Marantelli of Colossus Bets on Innovation

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Rebecca Liggero talks to Bernard Marantelli, Founder and CEO of Colossus Bets. He talks about the difference between how to innovate in one of these large big established gambling companies versus more of a start-up style gambling company.

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Marantelli has over two decades of gambling experience and has built and run successful betting strategies across multiple platforms, betting predominantly on exchanges and totes. He is a world leader in multi-leg pool bets and has used his experience of all the strengths and weaknesses of the current products to build Colossus Bets, home of the world’s largest pool, the £10,000,000 Colossus.

Colossus Bets CEO described the difference of innovation between big gambling company versus start-ups. “The complexity in the big firm is to get buy-in across the components of the firm that really need to buy-in and given enough momentum and ownership to get forward and i think in the start-up environment, mostly the idea starts with one person and the best you need to convince one or two founding fund to go forward to so I say it’s a lot easier to get a consensus in a small group than in a big organization across many business areas,” said Marantelli.

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