Social Media Tip of the Week: Building LinkedIn presence

The Media Image  Head of SEO and Social Darren Sheffield talks about Building Effective Presence on LinkedIn  in this edition of’s Social Media Tip of the Week.

Rules of success

  • Set up a company LinkedIn page and post regularly.
    • All the usual rules apply here, but ensure your community manager knows your product and industry back-to-front – remember these are usually highly educated and specialised people you’re engaging with.


  • Getting content right is key on LinkedIn
    • The audience is professional, and content must match this in tone and message. LinkedIn users are most likely to engage with content that is going to benefit them professionally.


  • Use Slideshares
    • LinkedIn owns the Slideshare platform, and Slideshows are the perfect content format for LinkedIn – instructional and clearly presented.


  • Set up communities
      • LinkedIn communities are some of the most active in the social media landscape, and maintaining a successful LinkedIn community will establish your brand as an authority figure in its industry.

    An alternative is to become an authority in an existing community


  • Use LinkedIn ads (most people write them off)
    • We’ve had some excellent results using LinkedIn’s advanced targeting options that allow marketers to target users based on job titles and even specific employees of companies.


  • Networks are very important
    • Introductions to an influencer from a shared contact is an extremely successful way of getting to the person you want to engage with.

Extra SEO tip

  • SEO outreach
    • If you’re SEO team isn’t using Linkedin for outreach then they are missing a huge opportunity for a much easier way to connect with a target influencer or site.