Man Arrested After Stealing $420,000 Worth of Poker Chips; Another Loses it all Playing Cards and Robs a Bank

Man Arrested After Stealing $420,000 Worth of Poker Chips; Another Loses it all Playing Cards and Robs a Bank

A man is arrested in Illinois after stealing $420,000 poker chips from a LA apartment, and another is behind bars after losing his entire life roll playing cards, and then deciding to rob a bank to fill it back up.

Poker continues to attract the world dumbest criminals.

This time it’s Illinois man Dustin Campbell, 32, who has looking at some serious porridge after being charged with grand theft. told the tale of Campbell’s woe.

Man Arrested After Stealing $420,000 Worth of Poker Chips; Another Loses it all Playing Cards and Robs a BankThe young man broke into an LA apartment, on Ventura Boulevard, and found $420,000 worth of poker chips inside the bedroom.

The chips were from a variety of casinos. Campbell immediately cashed $200,000 of them before jumping on a jet plane to Chicago. Unfortunately, Campbell seems to be one of the only people in the world who weren’t aware that the cash desk is full of cameras.

The LAPD issued a warrant for his arrest and the local Bobbies picked him up in Blandinsville, Illinois. His house was searched, and they found $40,000 in cash, and $20,000 in poker chips.

Interestingly, Campbell shares a home with the Assistant State Attorney, Rachel Bloom.

“We have no indication from California that (Bloom) is a suspect in the theft,” A local detective told the news channel.

The poker chips belonged to professional poker player Matthew Kirk. One assumes they were won playing cash games. His Hendon Mob record only shows $187,000 in cashes, his last being in 2012. He has cashed twice at the Aussie Millions Main Event finishing 11th in 2008 and 20th in 2011.

Detective Nicholas Petitgout, from the McDonough Co. Sheriffs Department, indicated that Campbell may not have been flying solo.

“We are currently passing info back and fore between the LAPD and there are other people they will seek out to interview.” The Detective told the WGEM.

Lose Your Bankroll; Rob a Bank

From a clumsy criminal from Chicago, to a tilted tit from Texas. Ben McClean, 22, is firmly behind bars after robbing a bank in Marysville after losing all of his money playing cards.

McClean decided to withdraw $8,000 out of his bank account (the lot) and jump on a plane to Washington because he had heard they had good casinos. The young lad then lost the lot, and told detectives that after ‘freezing his ass off’ walking around the streets he decided to rob a bank.

“It was just the mentality of ‘Dude, you just lost everything,’ ” he told detectives. “You really can’t go any lower so might as well give it a go, and that is exactly why I robbed it.”

McClean walked into the bank, pointed a gun at the teller and told her that if she didn’t fill the bag with cash he would shoot everyone in the gaff, before turning the gun on himself.

He got away with $7,000, but was soon tracked down by sniffer dogs. They even took a memento. Part of his leg. Police are also questioning him regarding the original $8,000. They believe it was stolen from another bank in Humble, Texas.