Social Media Tip of the Week: Other social platforms

The Media Image  Head of SEO and Social Darren Sheffield talks about other Social Media platforms in this edition of’s Social Media Tip of the Week.

The following are 4 platforms that we have used effectively and got very good results for our gambling clients. Further reading is definitely recommended if you haven’t tested these commercially before.


This is the LinkedIn owned platform which allows brands and individuals to upload Powerpoint like slide decks on a range of topics, that are usually instructional or educational in nature. Slideshares uploaded usually receive views in thousands if the content is of a good quality and is easily shareable. They are a great way of establishing authority in a subject matter and can rank highly in the SERP’s for relevant keywords so bring ongoing long term traffic.


This platforms been around for a while, and is a favourite means of content discovery for millions of users worldwide. In our experience the main goal on this platform is for your content to feature highly in a relevant topic section, it’s normally better to go for a small section and be top than a big section and not to rank. This requires it to be picked up early and voted up, if successful this can drive huge traffic volumes.


A relatively new platform used by millions to upload creative and usually funny short videos. Brands like GAP and Burberry have used video submissions from this platform to great effect, as this content usually proves to be highly shareable. A top tip is to cross post Vine videos on Twitter, which has proven to be highly effective as Vines render in their short video format in Twitter feeds.


A micro-blogging platform that has gone from strength to strength in attracting a loyal following from users who want a bit more out of their micro blog than Twitter. Brands such as CK and Disney have built huge communities by posting relatively short blog posts that rely on strong imagery.Clever strategies around the use of images can go across Instragram and Tumblr, as well as then feeding into Facebook and Twitter.