Brian Rast Launches Zen Poker Mentoring

Brian Rast Launches Zen Poker Mentoring

Two-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Brian Rast has launched Zen Poker Mentoring: poker training for the body, mind and soul, with the first class being rolled out in Las Vegas later this month.

With two World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets and $8m in live tournament earnings tucked away in his treasure chest, Brian Rast knows a thing or two about the finer details of becoming a top notch poker player.

Brian Rast Launches Zen Poker MentoringThis is why his new venture Zen Poker Mentoring is going to be a great success.

But it’s not just Rast that makes this enterprise exciting.

It’s different.

Poker has evolved, a lot. But in my humble opinion, the training that is available for poker players hasn’t kept pace. The record yourself playing poker and then posting the video way of doing things is old hat.

There is a movement growing. People call it many different things. I prefer to call it wellness. We are destroying the planet. We are destroying our bodies. More people are realizing this. More people are taking action.

We see it in poker.

The edges at the top are so fine, that the very best players are now finding it in their mind, body and spirit. I’m surprised it’s taken people this long to latch on to this fact.

Rast won’t be alone.

He will be joined by the usual host of household professional poker player names: Vanessa Rousso, Melanie Weisner, Layne Flack, Joe Cada, Jeff Madsen and David “Bakes” Baker.

But there’s more.

Former PokerNews sideline reporter and current World Poker Tour (WPT) Ones to Watch Kristy Arnett will be joining the team as host, and wellness expert, All American Dave will be giving some All American nutritional advice, and let’s not forget the hypnotherapist, massage therapists, and Insight Women (don’t ask me) – who are also part of the team.

The first event will be held Feb 21-22 at the MEET Special Events Center in Las Vegas. Kristy Arnett will act as host and wellness expert, Brian Rast will lead a 52-minute instructional session followed by Q&A, Vanessa Rousso will be on hand to deliver some training on ‘Reading and Decoding Behavior’, and Elliot Row will be telling every to look into his eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes…SLEEP!

There is also a whole host of events planned to take place during the WSOP. In a smart piece of marketing the sessions will take place prior to the events that will attract the most recreational players: The Colossus, the Millionaire Maker, and the Seniors Events all follow Zen Poker Mentoring sessions.

Speaking on the RunItOnce forum, where Rast is an ‘inactive’ coach. He explained that the material is aimed at players with knowledge ‘slightly below the level of the average RIO subscriber.’

If you head over to the Zen Poker Mentoring website, there are a few special prizes to be won, including a seat into the WSOP Colossus and a WSOP $1k event.