Social Media Tip of the Week: Image Based Social Media

Social Media Tip of the Week: Image Based Social Media

The Media Image  Head of SEO and Social Darren Sheffield gives an overview on two image based social media platforms in this edition of’s Social Media Tip of the Week.

Pinterest and Instagram are two social media platforms that marketers often overlook due to usage being dwarfed by Facebook and Twitter. However the reduced organic reach of Facebook on top of restrictions in advertising mean they should be given much more prominence.


We regularly see higher conversion rates than Facebook and Twitter for our gambling clients. One thing that is very important to remember is the user demographic on Pinterest – it has a 70% female user base and much of the content posted is accordingly female focussed.

Some further demographic information on Pinterest


This has become a very effective tool in the marketing of gambling based content especially if the brand is looking for exposure as opposed to hard conversions. Instagram is strongly based in the usage of hashtags – it’s how users arrange content and place their post firmly in a wider conversation.

Posting gambling content and using hashtags (such as #pokernight or #blackjack) allows brands to become part of that wider conversation.

This is a good post for further reading on using hashtags on Instagram