Shane Warne Devours Tinder Woman

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Shane Warne Devours Tinder WomanFormer 888Poker star, Shane Warne, has hit the headlines after a 43-year old mother-of-two sold a warts and all sex story about meeting the Aussie cricket legend through the dating app Tinder.

The former 888Poker star, and Australian cricket legend, Shane Warne, has hit headlines worldwide, after a 43-year old mother-of-two sold a warts and all sex story to Woman’s Day magazine about a romp with the man she described as ‘one of the best lovers’ of her life.

When will people in the limelight ever learn?

Kim McGrath has spilled the beans over her alleged sex romp with Warne, where she says the former 888Poker pro asked to ‘devour her’, after the pair met on the dating app Tinder (or shagging app as it apparently seems to be known). Now that’s quite some allegation from a man who doesn’t seem to be able to devour much without spilling it all over his chops.

In the McGrath interview, she describes how she met Warne through the dating app where he proceeded to send her a series of text messages, and the obligatory selfie, before the pair met up for a little bit of slap and tickle.

Warne’s mug is more than capable of filling the pages of most national tabloids, so one wonders about his George Michael style of cloak and dagger.

“Can I trust you? Are you private? This has to stay between us? X” He allegedly texted to the mother-of-two.

Yeah, I think your publicist should be giving you better advice on the protection of identity than those few beauties Shane. I would throw those onto the Barbie and start wearing Nacho Libre style masks instead.

Warne would be into the masks as well. According to McGrath, Warne was a tad kinky, leading her to the conclusion that he ‘watched too much porn.’

“He asked me to keep my heels on while he spanked me.” She told the magazine.

The alleged romp took place in an Adelaide hotel room, where Warne was commenting on a cricket match. He is free and single. The man who has shared cuddly time with the likes of Liz Hurley recently split from the model Emily Scott.

“I thought it was hilarious he was on Tinder. I didn’t really think it was him. He was definitely in charge.” Said McGrath.

Warnie isn’t too happy with the leakage of news.

“There’s stuff he did I didn’t even know existed.” Said McGrath.

That’ll probably be the cricket.


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