Super Bowl XLIX Opening Lines

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super-bowl-xlix-opening-linesThe NFC Championship game was some kind of something else, wasn’t it? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a game with a team having been shut out for two-and-half quarters roar to life and come back the way the Seattle Seahawks did to take that game from the Green Bay Packers. Incredible. It was arguably one of the most exciting finishes to any playoff game we’ve seen in a while. Some part of me still wonders how in God’s name did Green Bay choke that game away. Granted, miscues from their defense and special teams were largely responsible. But still, how the hell did they lose that game? It was like the football equivalent of the San Antonio Spurs choking away Game 6 of the NBA Finals to the Miami Heat.

You know what else was eerily similar between both games? Seahawks fans actually left before the comeback began! Sorry, fellas. You missed out on an epic finish. Too bad.

You know it was looking bad for the Seahawks when live betting odds on that game had them as high as 10/1 to win the game after Russell Wilson threw his fourth interception with a little over five minutes left in the game. If you picked that time to lay some wood on the Seahawks, then congratulations; you’re a certified betting savant.

Even those who put money on Seattle must’ve thought the game was in the books, leading me to wonder how many rushed to the trash can to retrieve those crumpled tickets they had thrown away earlier.

Unfortunately, the AFC Championship game wasn’t as exciting, but we did still see a whole lot of trickery from the New England Patriots. In the end, they probably didn’t have to do it after walloping the Indianapolis Colts, 45-7, to set up Super Bowl XLIX against the Seahawks.

It wasn’t at all surprising that New England is now being offered as the -1 favorites after the line actually opened with Seattle being -2.5 faves. But that spread was released before the Patriots bum-rushed the Colts. As soon as the AFC title game was getting out of hand, sportsbooks immediately flipped the tables to put New England as the short faves.

The good thing is that you don’t have to rush out of the house to bet on the game because Super Bowl XLIX is still two weeks away. What you should do is absorb as much about the game as you can. Be educated and when you feel the time is right, put money down on the game and the myriad of novelty bets that will undoubtedly be offered ahead of the game.

A safety to open the scoring? Who knows, it happened in two of the last three Super Bowls.


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