iGaming Business signs deal to accept crypto currency payments

iGaming Business signs deal to accept crypto currency payments

iGaming Business signs deal to accept crypto currency paymentsBusiness publishing and events business to accept bitcoin and emerging altcoins from advertisers, exhibitors, delegates and research clients

12th January 2015, London – iGaming Business, the leading publishing, research and events company for the iGaming sector, has signed a deal with GoCoin to accept crypto currency including bitcoin.

The deal will allow iGaming Business to take virtual currency payments from all of its clients making it the first business-to-business publishing and events company to accept these types of payments.

“Crypto currency offers the ecommerce and particularly the iGaming market huge opportunities whether this be minimizing fraud or lowering fees, so we are extremely happy to embrace and support this technology,” commented Alex Pratt, Head of iGaming Business. “From today all our clients can pay us in bitcoin and other digital currencies, which is really exciting as it not only provides our current clients with a new way to pay us, it will also help drive our products into new markets.” Pratt continued.

GoCoin is the first digital currency payment platform offering a tailored solution for regulated iGaming operators to benefit from bitcoin and emerging altcoins with international casual and real money games.

“For such an incredible company like iGaming Business to realise that crypto currencies are the next best thing, is a testament to their vision and understanding of where this industry is heading,” commented Eric Benz of GoCoin. “Removing friction and lowering fees has been a major quest in gaming for years and now we finally have solutions to these obvious problems,” continued Benz.

iGaming Business clients including advertisers, exhibitors and information buyers will be able to pay in digital currencies including bitcoin and emerging alt coins from today.