Wilson Calixto Wins the Brazilian Series of Poker Main Event

Wilson Calixto Wins the Brazilian Series of Poker Main Event

Brazilian born, Wilson Calixto, has defeated Luiz Duarte in heads-up action to become the winner of the Brazilian Series of Poker Main Event at the Sheraton World Trade Center in Sao Paulo.

Wilson Calixto Wins the Brazilian Series of Poker Main Event
[Image Credit: Carlos Monti]
Brazilian poker continues to run hotter than the pieces of flesh that lie on Copacabana beach after 2,749 players entered the Championship event of the Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) Millions this week.

The gargantuan field is the second-largest event ever held outside of Las Vegas. The record of 3,394 players was set earlier this year when the Grosvenor United Kingdom Poker Tour (GUKPT) Goliath event packed the sardines into Coventry. The Goliath event beating the previous record of 2,732 held by the Beijing Millions. The 2013 BSOP Main Event attracted 2,400 players with Murilo Ruiz taking home a first prize of R$868,100.

The first prize of R$1,050,000 (approx. $USD420,000) ended up in the back pocket of the Brazilian Wilson Calixto, who defeated Luiz Duarte in heads-up action to take the title. The starlets who made the final table were sorely lacking in Hendon Mob results. Only the Chilean Sebastian Ruiz, and the Brazilian Humberto Meireles, having any previous form. Ruiz took down a $1k event in Puerto Varas earlier in the year, and Meireles took third in the BSOP Main Event back in 2012.

After Duarte eliminated Ednei Carriho in fourth place (A8>QT all-in pre) the remaining three players cut a deal, with Calixto locking up R$800,000, Iglesias R$710,000, and Duarte $250,000.

That left R$250,000 to play for, and of course, the bonus of being named champion. Iglesias would finish third after getting it in on a board of J948 holding a pair of aces. Unfortunately, Calixto was holding T7 for the straight.

Heads-up would see Calixto start with a slight chip lead over Duarte: 43.9m v 38.6m, and the final hand played out as follows.

Duarte opened with a min-raise and Calixto made the call. The flop was Q65 and Calixto check-called a 1.2m Duarte bet. The turn card was a jack; Calixto checked, Duarte bet 2.5m, Calixto moved all-in, and Duarte called. Calixto held J5 for two pair, and Duarte held Q3 for top pair. The [7h] on the river keeping Calixto’s lead in check and he was our new champion.

BSOP Millions Final Table Results

1st. Wilson Calixto – R$1,050,000*

2nd. Luiz Duarte – R$710,000*

3rd. Lucas Iglesias – R$790,000*

4th. Ednei Carriho – R$314,400

5th. Anderson Cruz – R$205,000

6th. Nenem Brito – R$150,000

7th. Sebastian Ruiz – R$125,000

8th. Humberto Meireles – R$105,000

     *Denotes a three way deal