Former U.S. Based Full Tilt Players May Still Lose Out on Millions; Ray Bitar Close to Death

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Former U.S. based Full Tilt Poker players may still lose out on millions, lying in unclaimed poker accounts, due to incorrect bank and social security information, according to the Full Tilt Poker Claims website; and Allen Cunningham advises all conspiracy theorists that he believes Ray Bitar has only two years to live.

Former U.S. Based Full Tilt Players May Still Lose Out on Millions; Ray Bitar Close to DeathJust when we thought that the Full Tilt Poker Claims website would be starting to gather cobwebs, along comes another controversial post to clear them away again.

The post carries the title: “Information regarding deficiency notifications to petitioners,” and it’s a reminder to players that unless their banking information, and social security information, is accurate, then Santa Claus is going on strike in those particular households.

“GCG has identified certain Petitioners who previously confirmed their FTP Account Balance but who submitted incomplete or incorrect banking information or an incomplete or incorrect Social Security Number. On October 25, 2014, GCG sent emails to more than 2,200 of these Petitioners with instructions on how to update and correct their Petitions through the online filing site.”

Online poker genius Chris Grove wrote on Online Poker Report that the average account balance has thus far been well over $4,000, meaning there is millions of dollars that could potentially go unclaimed.

Petitioners who have supplied incorrect banking information seem likely to get away with it as the website confirms that: ‘petitioners with incomplete or incorrect banking information will be sent a check to the mailing address provided with their Petition, should their Petition be approved.”

Social security number errors are not going to be treated as lightly. In fact, quite the opposite. If you don’t get this part of your petition right by 24 Nov 2014 then your petition will be recommended for denial.

If you fall into either of these two categories then you had better get your butt in gear and contact the Garden City Group (GCG) before rats eat your money.

Ray Bitar Near Death and Broke

Perhaps none of this would even be necessary had Full Tilt Poker appointed a CEO who knew what he was doing? Instead they appointed Ray Bitar.

Bitar was in the news recently after the details of his $40 million forfeiture was spread around the world. The resurfacing of the name everyone loves to hate gave him a rebirth of sorts, on the 2+2 gossip forums, as people started to wonder if Bitar had made up the heart complaint, and was somehow living a life of Riley somewhere nice and sunny.

Not so.

Former Full Tilt Poker Red Pro, Allen Cunningham, went on the thread to state: “To all the conspiracy theorists: according to my sources, Ray Bitar is unlikely to live more than a couple years and is nearly penniless. He didn’t get away with anything.

“I feel like that’s not getting away with it in a karmic way, at least. And especially in contrast to the conjecture at the beginning of the thread that he had hidden accounts and faked the heart problem. I would trade places with any of his victims over him. Some people still haven’t gotten paid and it’s mostly Ray Bitar’s fault, but he isn’t benefiting from it.”


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