Interview with Former English Footballer John Barnes

Interview with Former English Footballer John Barnes

Becky Liggero talks to former English Footballer John Barnes as he shares why he thinks England’s football team just been under performing and what could have been the problem.

Under performing England

“Obviously the World Cup is a bit of disappointment and the problem that we have is that we don’t have much experienced players. We have a very very young team. I believed the young team should have been integrated 3-4 years ago, which means now they would have had the necessary experience to compete in the World Cup. And we do have either a lot of old players and young players. We don’t have anybody in between. So it’s a young squad. And i think we will see the strength of the squad and the potential of this squad for 2-4 years. But for the meantime they will be inconsistent, which is why you can beat young players but but the last time they played the game with Switzerland was fantastic. They won two now. But i’m not gonna get carried away to think that we’ve turned the core because the next game we may not do so well but with the young players you have to allow them to develop.”

Former team, Liverpool

Liverpool got a fantastic chance. last year, they nearly won the league. i’m not gonna say that they gonna win the league this year because it’s going to be equally difficult, in fact more difficult because now they’re playing the Champions’ league as well so they have to fight on more than one front.”

What it’s like managing Jamaica?

“Fantastic! i was born and brought up in Jamaica. It’s very interesting because i’m now English. I’ve been here for 30 years. I’ve been with Jamaica for 14 years.”

“I always felt that if you empower people, they can be successful. We had 12 games and we won eight because we got very good athletes as we all know. If you have good athletes, you can organize them, you can empower them because then they can be successful and hopefully they can be successful and show their worth.”