Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan Video Poker Games; Phil Ivey to Appear on 60-Mins & Insane Sunday Grind for Pablo Gordillo

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A trio of news stories featuring a few old bulls and one new bull as the Global Gaming Expo showcases Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan Texas Hold’em Video Poker machines, Phil Ivey gets ready to defend his reputation with an interview with James Brown on 60 Minutes Sports, and PokerStars online player Pablo ‘gordiju’ Gordillo has the sickest Sunday grind of all time.

Phil Hellmuth and Johnny Chan Video Poker Games; Phil Ivey to Appear on 60-Mins & Insane Sunday Grind for Pablo GordilloA trio of stories from poker’s past and present.

First up are the World Series of Poker (WSOP) legends, and Poker Hall of Fame members, Phil Hellmuth Jr. and Johnny Chan.

The poker world scoffed recently after the new cryptocurrency online poker site, Breakout Gaming, unveiled a gallery of classic past masters to represent their site, but it seems they are not alone when it comes to squeezing the last pieces of juice from the old school brigade.

International Game Technology (IGT) unveiled their latest Texas Hold’em Video Poker machines, at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas, and the faces of Hellmuth and Chan are staring right back at ya!

Unfortunately, we were only able to see pictures, and therefore cannot clarify rumors that the Hellmuth machine complains each time it pays out, and the Chan machine shouts ‘Johnny Fucking Chan’ when you insert a dime.

Phil Ivey to Speak About Edge Sorting Law Suit on 60-Minutes Sports

The person that many believe to be the greatest poker player alive, Mr. Phil Ivey, will be sitting down to speak to James Brown (not the guy who wiggles his hips like Shakira) about his two edge sorting law suits on Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports.

For those of you who have been in a Buddhist mountain retreat for the past two years, let me bring you up to speed.

In May 2013, Ivey sued the Crockfords Casino in London’s classy Mayfair after they failed to hand over his £7.8m Punto Banco winnings. The casino argued that Ivey used a technique known as ‘edge sorting’ and therefore didn’t have to pay the man a dime, because they accused him of cheating.

The Borgata Hotel & Casino, in Atlantic City, also got into the groove when they decided to sue Mr. Ivey for using ‘edge sorting’ techniques at their casino to win $9.6m from their games. Once again the allegation was that Ivey cheated.

Ivey has not uttered a word since the stories broke, but here is a short teaser trailer of what you can expect in the upcoming 60-Minutes Sports show, and it looks pretty good.

Pablo ‘gordiju’ Gordillo Running Hotter than a Jennifer Lopez Booty Video

With the old bulls out of the way it’s time to focus on one particular young bull that has just had the greatest Sunday online grind in the history of computer technology.

The London-based Spanish poker player Pablo ‘gordiju’ Gordillo, who finished fourth in the European Poker Tour (EPT) Main Event in Vienna in the spring, has just hit the following 348 billion to 1 shot on PokerStars.

Gordillo won three online tournaments in a single Sunday session. A pretty impressive feat, but it’s been done before right?

Not like this it hasn’t.

Check out these field sizes.

Gordillo started out by winning the $109 Sunday Kickoff, defeating a field of 1,737 players, for a first prize of $26,013.02.

Now that’s impressive.

He then went on to play in the Bigger $55 and defeated 5,636 players, to take the first prize of $44,084.35.

That’s even better.

Then to top of his night, he had the audacity to win the $11 Sunday Storm, after triumphing over 35,594 players, to take the first prize of $30,963.

More impressive than Jennifer Lopez’s booty?

Ok, perhaps I am pushing things a tad too far.

Do you have an online poker session that pips this one? Please let us know by commenting in the box below.


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