Global Poker Index and CineSport to Promote Poker to the US Mainstream Audience

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Global Poker Index and CineSport to Promote Poker to the US Mainstream AudienceThe Global Poker Index has inked a deal with the web video syndication company CineSport that will see the pair distributing top quality poker related video content to the US audience.

Global Poker Index (GPI), CEO, Alex Dreyfus, has a vision to elevate poker to a global mainstream audience where it will be promoted as a serious sport. To make his dreams come true he’s going to need a little bit of help and he has found it in the shape of CineSport.

CineSport is a web syndication company that specializes in the very best in sports entertainment video packages that are distributed to over 30 newspaper sites in the U.S. The former Executive Vice President and Executive Producer, of NBA Entertainment, Gregg Winik, founded the company in 2007.

It’s estimated that CineSport’s network of associates commands an audience of over 7 million people, and they are going to be inundated with top poker content courtesy of the top brass at the GPI.

“This strategic partnership finally gives us the opportunity to reach a U.S. sports market that’s interested in Poker content,” Dreyfus said in a press release. “This is a great first step towards a larger plan to bring Poker into the mainstream sports consciousness, and GPI is excited to provide fans with this volume and quality of exclusive coverage with the support of CineSport.”

Dreyfus and his number crunchers at the GPI believe that 22.5% of US sports fans’ online have some interest in the game of poker, hence his willingness to enter into a deal with CineSport. The US company sends its video packages to The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, too name a few.

CineSport COO Michael Dresner stated, “CineSport is happy to be working with GPI to introduce poker to our network and partners. We believe Poker will be a ‘growth’ sport in the next few years; it’s exciting to get on board with this trend early on.”

The GPI announces this partnership hot on the heels of their announcement that they plan to launch the Global Poker Conference (GPC 2015) some time in the first quarter of 2015, held concurrently in both Europe and North America.

The event will be an opportunity for the best minds in poker to come together, in a unified approach, to brainstorm ways of making poker more appealing to a wider audience.

There are also plans to host the first-ever GPI American Poker Awards on Feb 27, 2014, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.


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