Alexandre Dreyfus Plans to Unite the Poker World With the Global Poker Conference

Alexander Dreyfus Plans to Unite the Poker World With the Global Poker Conference
Alexander Dreyfus Plans to Unite the Poker World With the Global Poker Conference
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Global Poker Index, CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus, continues his battle to elevate the status of poker to a more global audience with the creation of the Global Poker Conference.

I am seriously developing a man crush on Alex Dreyfus.

The man is single-handedly pushing our game into areas that it’s never been before. Each week, I log on to read the latest poker news and there he is. It’s always something new, innovative, and always designed with that same goal in mind.

To promote poker as a global sport.

In his latest round of blue-sky thinking, Dreyfus has decided to connect the 1,400+ casinos – spread across 95 countries – and affecting 100+ millions of fans, in an event called The Global Poker Conference 2015 (GPC 2015).

The event will be held sometime in the first quarter of 2015, and will run concurrently in two separate continents, with the cream of the American poker industry and European poker industry, coming together to host events in their respective homes.

To make sure each event has a “worldly” feel to it, Dreyfus has even promised to invite some major American industry insiders to speak at the European event, and vice versa.

“The purpose of our twin Global Poker Conferences is to get the Poker Industry to communicate. We’re pushing it to structure itself as a cohesive Industry rather than the set of disparate initiatives it is today,” said Dreyfus in a press release.

Both events promise to contain expert speakers from throughout the industry and panels moderated and geared towards both professional and amateur players alike. There will also be perspectives from the players, and the tour organizers; social media best practice, and brainstorming on how best to take a unified approach to the way we promote poker tours and competitions.

The GPC was founded to create an open forum capable of accommodating Industry-wide discussion, encouraging the exchange of information, and giving Pokerboth as a professional global sport and as a business community—a focal point from which to grow and adopt new initiatives. To achieve this, GPI will gather the game’s most important operators and prominent brands active in North America and Europe.

The GPC Will Run Alongside the GPI’s Twin Poker Awards

The GPC 2015 will be connected to the GPI’s twin poker awards: The European Poker Awards (EPA), and the inaugural American Poker Awards (APA).

The APA will take place on February 27th, 2015, at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Dreyfus is already doing the right thing by speaking to players on 2+2 to gauge their opinion on the types of formats, and awards, that they would like to see in this first-ever GPI awards ceremony in North America.

Pop over and have your say.