APT Asian Series Manila Day 3 Summary

APT Asian Series Manila Day 3 Summary

Angelia Ong brings us the highlights of the APT Asian Series Manila Day 3 at the Resorts World Manila. We talked to APT CEO Jeff Mann and asked what’s next for APT.

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Today is the Day 3 APT Main Event. 44 players came back, all guaranteed of some cash.

We asked some players if they are ready to ease up at the table.

“It’s a long way to go, quite a lot of good players left. I just got to do my best. I’m just gonna play the game and do what I do best.”— Aaron Abel Chew (Malaysia)

“The pressure is pretty much the same because gotta all go out and try to get a win.”­— Ben Loo (Malaysia)

“My mission was to actually cash but since I got it this far, I’m actually aiming for the final table.”— Goh Kian Ming (Malaysia)

Too much pressure my ambition is to get this title but I don’t know what I’m gonna do now or later but my motto is “Never say never.”— Luke Pangan (Philippines)

Jeff Man’s great news about the future of APT

“Resorts World is a great partner to have. We’ve done 10 events here so far. They always do an end-of-year poker themselves. This year they decided that maybe they leave it up to APT.”

APT in Prague

It’s always been my ambition to broaden the reach of APT and until a few more poker players around the world know that we exist and what tournaments we run. There is actually a big poker event in Prague at the end of the year (December 16-18, 2014). And the organizers said that “how about APT coming and just doing a three-day event. It’s gonna be one main event, three sides event and hopefully we’ll get a number of European players that’ll come, love and play APT,” Jeff Man added.