Dominik Nitsche Wins the WSOP National Championships

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Dominik Nitsche wins the World Series of Poker (WSOP) National Championships, after cutting a three-way deal with fellow WSOP bracelet winners Athanasios Polychronopoulos and Matthew Ashton, in Atlantic City.

Dominik Nitsche Wins the WSOP National ChampionshipsDominik Nitsche continues to carve out his legacy by winning his second WSOP bracelet at the 2014 WSOP National Championship at Bally’s in Atlantic City.

The snazzy suit and grown-up hairstyle may fool you into believing that Nitsche is a changed man.

Some things change.

But then again, something do not.

Nitsche proving that his performances on the felt are as strong as ever, although he will be the first to admit that he hit a wonderful patch of run good on his way to his second WSOP bracelet of his career.

126-players took part in the $1m guaranteed event (why this figure isn’t much higher continues to confuse me), and the final table of six contained three of the current crop of WSOP bracelet winners: Matthew Ashton, Athanasios Polychronopoulos and the aforementioned Nitsche.

The first player eliminated from the final table was the ‘at large’ qualifier Andrew Robinson. He moved all-in from the button holding [8h] [6d], and Athanasios Polychronopoulos was on hand to send him packing when he called in the big blind holding [Ah] [4d] – and the ace high held.

The Nevada qualifier, Tracy Doss, was the next to go, and this time it was Nitsche who held the sharpened sword. A flip with AJ losing out to the pocket tens of Nitsche, who flopped a set, turned a boat and left Doss drawing dead with one card to come.

Nitsche was at it again not long after when Chris Bibb found himself in a dominated situation. He made a move with A7 and Nitsche was not going anywhere with [As] [Ks]. The flop contained a little piece for both players, with a seven handing Bibb an unlikely lead, but two spades generating the sweat. The dealer burned and turned fourth street, and a third spade bounded out of the pack to hand Nitsche a flush; ending Bibb’s tournament in fourth place.

That left the three WSOP bracelet winners to fight it out for the title, and rather sensibly the triumvirate walked away from the table to agree a chop before the action got down and dirty.

And dirty it got…especially if you was Matthew Ashton.

The current $50,000 WSOP Poker Player Championship champion got it in holding pocket treys, against the AJ of Nitsche, and flopped a set to send him spiraling into contention for the outright win.

The deck had other plans; however, as a succession of spades handed the German a spade flush draw to send him into a heads-up confrontation with Polychronopoulos holding a 2:1 chip advantage.

The final hand of the tournament was another fortunate moment for Nitsche. The pair getting it in with Polychronopoulos dominating the action AT<A8, only for an eight to hit the flop, to hand the Nitsche his second WSOP gold bracelet, and $352,800 in prize money.

Final Results

1. Dominik Nitsche – $352,800
2. Athanasios Polychronopoulos – $218,056
3. Matthew Ashton – $157,399
4. Chris Bibb – $115,655
5. Tracy Doss – $86,461
6. Andrew Robinson – $65,734


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