Aspers Casino in Stratford Offer a Chance to Spin for a Million

Aspers Casino in Stratford Offer a Chance to Spin for a Million

Aspers Casino in Stratford is sticking its profitable neck on the line by running a promotion that could end up with one lucky punter earning £1m in tax free profits thanks to their Spin for a Million idea.

Aspers Casino in Stratford Offer a Chance to Spin for a MillionHow would you fancy one spin of a wheel for the chance to earn £1m in tax-free cash?

Who wouldn’t right?

That’s exactly the scenario on offer for Aspire card holders who frequent the Aspers Casino in Westfield, Stratford City, as the owner Damien Aspinall rubber stamps the Spin for a Million promotion.

“I am really proud that we are the first casino to offer this, “Aspinall told WagerPod, “It’s a really exciting way of communicating with our customers and creates a real buzz, and so I’m delighted we’ve pulled it off.”

The casino averages over 3,500 visitors per day, and has seen over 3.5 million set foot inside the casino since it opened for business back in Dec 2011.

The casino hands out more jackpot prizes on their slot machines than any other casino in the country, but to hand out £1m for next to nothing in terms of an investment, is really breaking the mould.

So how is it going to work?

To get involved you need to visit the casino, sign up to get your Aspire card, and start playing casino games. The more you play the more points you earn and the more tickets you get to be entered into the prize draw.

Then for the next six weeks the casino will host a special draw at 9pm & 11pm, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights where 10 lucky winners will move forward to the next stage.

In the next stage they will draw balls from another barrel. The balls are either red, black or gold. If you draw a red or black ball, then the croupier will spin the roulette wheel and if the color of your ball matches the color of the spin then you will move forward to the semi-finals. If you are lucky enough to pull out a golden ball you will immediately advance to the semi-finals and win £500 in cash.

If you lose then your ticket goes back into the barrel to be used in future draws.

On Sunday 15th June, the semi-finalists will place their golden tickets into a barrel for another draw where they compete for the £10,000 ‘Pick a Box’ round where the participants get to choose a box that contains either £5,000, £2,000 and three £1,000 prizes.

The 20 finalists will return to the casino on June 21st where one lucky winner will walk away with a £25,000 top prize and the opportunity to take one spin of the wheel to try and win £1m in tax-free earnings.