Ladbrokes With New Ad Direction Courtesy of BBH London

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Ladbrokes with a new ad direction after the ‘Betting Men’ are cast into the public eye after Bartle Bogle Hegarty release their first advert for the UK betting giant.

Ladbrokes With New Ad Direction Courtesy of BBH LondonHave Ladbrokes gone all Guy Ritchie on us?

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) promote themselves as the team that zags when everyone else is zigging, but their first piece of work since picking up the Ladbrokes contract at the beginning of the year, looks very similar to the zagging done by one Guy Ritchie.

The new 60-second ad features a group of five individuals known as the “Betting Men” and the shot looks very similar to the presentation of the characters of the 2000 Guy Ritchie movie: Snatch.

The Believer, Generous John, Mr. Brightside, The Professor and The Gut Truster represent ‘Ladbrokes Life,’ the new approach by Ladbrokes aimed at showing the world that betting is a fun thing to do, despite the doom mongering that often accompanies any mention of dice, cards and wheels.

Gary Freeman via The Glue Society shot the advert and the debut piece will be followed up with five separate 30-second biographical adverts based on each of the new characters.

Dan Staples, head of brand and advertising at Ladbrokes and Guy Tal, head of offline marketing at Ladbrokes Israel, told The Drum: “We knew we had to be bold. The sector approach is to be loud and brash with a single focus on the moment of the bet. We’ve created characters based on real customer behavior and we’re portraying the betting man in a positive light.”

BBH London creative director’s Sam Oliver and Shish Patel commented: “It’s not a very PC thing to say these days but betting is fun. When not taken to excess of course. It’s exciting, it’s social and it’s full of interesting characters. Ladbrokes has been around for over a hundred years and knows the betting man better than anyone. We wanted to show that in the work and to speak out for all of us who like a flutter.”

The ad tails off….

“The dreamers, the glory seekers, the back page philosophers, Wednesday night warriors, have a go heroes of Saturday afternoon they are the betting men and this is the Ladbrokes Live.”


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