The allure of attending Bitcoin Expo 2014

bitcoin-opportunity-or-over-hyped-red-herringBitcoin Expo 2014 is a little over a week from opening its doors and if you haven’t registered your attendance yet, now’s the time to get to it.

Not only will the event be worth your time, but you probably will enjoy it more than you think.

For starters, it’s going to be held in one of the finest cities in Canada. Toronto, to be the exact. To be more specific, Bitcoin Expo 2014 will be held from April 11 to 13 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s also the first Bitcoin Expo, which in itself is even more reason to go because your wouldn’t want to miss a chance at being a part of history, right?

All that we still haven’t mentioned the most important reason to attend Bitcoin Expo 2014. Have we mentioned that over 50 prominent members of the international Bitcoin community are expected to take part in the history-making event. These aren’t just lightweight individuals; mind you, this group is made up of some of the most influential global leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and stakeholders of Bitcoins. All under one roof, all at the same time.

The opportunity to indulge yourself in the company of all these great minds should be reason enough on its own to attend the event. But the Bitcoin Expo is more than just a fancy networking night for the industry. There’s also that equally important element of fostering attention on how the entire Bitcoin community can put its collective resources together to help charities and non-profit organizations and educate them on the ever-evolving state and future adoption of crypto currencies. Like Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Expo is offering a variety of registration options, each coming with their own unique offerings. You can check out which option is best suited for your needs on the event’s dedicated website: