Bet365 pulls out of Philippine market

what-makes-bet365-successful-sideUK-based online bookmaker Bet365 has ceased providing services to player accounts based in the Philippines.

Players from the country received notifications on February 19 saying that their Bet365 accounts were going to be closed on February 25.

When asked about why it stopped offering its services in the Philippines, the company didn’t elaborate, opting only to say that it was made “following a review at Bet365.”

The good news, or at least hopeful news for bettors in the Philippines, is that Bet365 left the door open on whether it can resume services in the country, saying that it always reviews its position regarding customer accounts and customers will be notified should the tides change.

As far as players in the Philippines who weren’t able to withdraw their funds before their accounts were frozen, Bet365 assured everybody that withdrawals can be made no matter the status of said account, including those from the Philippines. If a customer was unable to withdraw their balance before the accounts were closed, just give Bet365’s customer service a holler.

Still and all, it was a dark and gloomy day for bettors in the Philippines. With sports betting parlors limited to just one provider in the country – that would be MegaSportsWorld – seeing Bet365 pull its services leaves a lot of Filipino bettors with one less option to get their sports betting fix.