How To Maximize Facebook Ads Click-Through-Rates

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maximize-facebook-ads-click-through-ratesThere are many methods of advertising online. Two of the most popular ones (and effective ones) these days are: Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

Let’s take a look at the latter and list some of the things you can do today to improve your CTRs and thus, your overall results as well.

Narrow Audience Targeting

One of the things that Facebook ads are most known for is the possibility to run your campaigns targeting quite narrow audiences based on their characteristics and interests.

At first, many new advertisers aren’t convinced by this feature, purely because they see their campaign’s reach decreasing with every qualifier they input.

But in the long run, as it turns out, narrowing your audience as much as you can is the best way of getting high CTRs and low advertising costs.

Use People in Your Ads

A standard Facebook ad consists of three elements: the picture, the headline, and the copy.

What’s interesting is that various studies done in the past proved that the only thing that truly matters for CTRs on Facebook is the picture, with headlines and copy having much less impact.

Use this knowledge and experiment with various pictures in your ads. The best way to do this is to try using pictures of real people (and preferably their faces), instead of standard stock photos.

The reason why normal, everyday photos work on Facebook is because the visitor’s mindset is geared at noticing this sort of things. After all, they are on Facebook to interact with real people to begin with.

Try Asking Questions

Although pictures are the most important element of Facebook ads, you have to experiment with other elements as well.

Here, we’re focusing on the actual copy.

An interesting trick to test is asking questions inside the copy. Of course, do it whenever it makes sense.

The tough part here is to find an online gaming question that is already on your audience’s mind. If they see it in the copy of your ad, it can make them curious enough to click it.

Test a Lot

Testing is the true (and only) method to be successful in online advertising. You will very rarely stumble upon a campaign that’s crazy profitable from day one.

Thankfully, Facebook lets you test pretty much anything when it comes to your ads. Some ideas to get you going:

  • Set 3-5 ads that run simultaneously and promote the same offer. Monitor these ads, their CTRs, their conversions and the profits they bring.
  • In the ads, test different images, headlines, and copy.
  • Test different demographics and character traits of your audience.

Getting started with all of these isn’t really that hard. You can find great images online that are published under a CC license, so you can use them in your ads. And for headline and copy inspiration, you can simply look at what your competition is doing. (CAP) is the world’s largest online gaming affiliate marketing community, and is the Internet’s primary location for online gaming brands and affiliate marketers to come together and do business. In 2013, CAP launched the official CAP Network. Comprised of both well-known and up-and-coming prosperous iGaming affiliateprograms, the network is focused on the success of its affiliates. If you wish to submit your own editorial please contact Bill Beatty.


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