The blueprint for responsible streaming


This is a guest contribution by Karl Aadli, Chief Product Officer at Mr Gamble. If you would like to submit a contribution please contact Bill Beatty for submission details. Thank you.


Streaming is fast becoming a significant marketing platform for operators, suppliers and affiliates looking to drive brand awareness among the casino playing community and in particular the younger, lucrative demographic that makes up streaming audiences.

Popular streamers such as Let’s Give It A Spin, Chipmonkz and NickSlots have amassed large, global audiences across platforms like Twitch and YouTube and through commercial agreements allow operators to leverage the thousands of fans that tune in to their streams.

As streaming and casino streaming becomes more popular, the marketing power and value of these channels will only increase and that is why we are seeing more casino players become streamers, as well as affiliates launching their own channels.

But establishing and managing a casino streaming account is easier said than done, especially when it comes to making sure the same approach to responsible gambling taken with other marketing activity is applied to streaming – at present, this is not always the case.

A significant investment

Establishing a professional streaming channel is easier said than done and requires a substantial investment in terms of equipment – camera, microphone, etc – as well as the budget given to the streamers that appear on the channel.

As the streaming market has matured, viewers now expect streamers to wager with big budgets in order for them to embark on the bonus hunts and land the epic wins that keep viewers engaged and tuning in each time the streamer goes live.

In most cases, a streaming channel will initially be loss making for the affiliate which is why it should be seen as a branding activity with long-term goals rather than a quick way of adding another revenue stream to the business.

Of course, affiliates can partner with online casinos and game developers in commercial agreements that see the casino or the game developer contribute to the streamer’s wagering wallet. This can take the form of real money or bonus money.

Streaming is seen as the Wild West

Online casinos and game studios sponsoring streamers, especially with bonus funds, has raised some concerns around responsible gambling. When playing with bonus money, streamers often place large bets to land the mega wins that players want to see.

But this is seen by some as encouraging viewers to bet big and in some cases outside of their means as they too try and land some of the big wins they are seeing on their favourite streaming channels. In some cases, streamers do not make clear they are not wagering with their own real money.

This has led to accusations that the streaming community is a bit like the Wild West, and that operators, suppliers and affiliates are not being responsible in the ways they are marketing to players via platforms like Twitch.

I think this is a little unfair as the majority of professional affiliates understand the need to carry out all marketing responsibly, whether through SEO content, PPC, social media, streaming or any of the other activity they undertake to engage players.

A blueprint for responsible streaming

Mr Gamble has been running a streaming channel since 2019 and over that time we have created a blueprint for how other affiliates can stream responsibly. This includes:

  1. Responsible gambling messaging must appear across the streaming window in the same way that it appears across online casinos and affiliate sites.
  2. Logos and links to gambling addiction support charities must be visible within the game streaming window at all times.
  3. Streamer must regularly remind viewers to gamble responsibly and in particular remind them that gambling is not a way to earn money.
  4. Chat bots should be used to regularly distribute responsible gambling messages to those watching the stream.
  5. Bet moderate amounts each spin and make clear whether playing with real money, sponsor money or bonus money.

We believe these five steps will ensure that viewers of the Mr Gamble streaming channels will find the entertainment they are seeking while also being reminded that gambling must be done responsibly and safely.

Ultimately, we believe streaming is a great way of building the Mr Gamble brand with players in markets around the world and also to strengthen the relationship we have with online casino operators and game developers and in a way that promotes responsible gambling.

About the author:

Karl Aadli, Chief Product Officer at Mr Gamble says that launching a streaming channel is a great way for operators, developers and affiliates to build brand awareness but channels must be run responsibly.