Play Poker Like Dusty Schmidt and Chris Moorman

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Play poker like Dusty Schmidt and Chris Moorman as the pair release news of their forthcoming poker book projects.

Yesterday, yours truly wrote a piece about the training process that one takes when you make your way through the ranks of Online Texas Hold’em. Part of that piece covered the important role that poker-training books have on any young fledgling, and so it’s great news to see two of the games biggest stars putting pen to paper on their thoughts about the game.

Play Poker Like Dusty Schmidt and Chris MoormanMoorman’s Book of Poker

How on earth does anyone manage to win $10m by playing online multi-table tournament (MTT) poker?

It’s a head scratcher that’s for sure, but one that Chris Moorman has the fingernails for.

The UK online megastar has reached agreement with the publisher D&B Poker to publish a piece of work that promises to: ‘improve your poker game with Moorman1 the biggest online player in poker history.’

The project has been given the name ‘Moorman’s Book of Poker’ and publisher and author Byron Jacobs will be helping the man who owns more Triple Crowns than the Royal Family sort out his P’s and Q’s.

Jacobs is the author of three poker books: Think Like a Poker Pro, How Good is Your Limit Hold’em, and Beginners Guide to Limit Hold’em, and his collaboration with Moorman is penciled in for a Nov. 2014 U.S launch date. Europeans will have to wait until Santa comes out to play to get their hands on a copy.

The main crux of the book will see Moorman pick apart a selection of 100 tournament hand histories to give people a look into the thought process of one of the most successful online poker players the world has ever produced.

“I was approached by D&B Publishing about doing a book with them. I wasn’t sure at first about it, but after reading some of their other books they had published and talking more with them about concepts, I grew very excited about the opportunity to do my first poker book. Really this is the first time ever I have done any sort of coaching, per say. I’ve never done a training video before, or any private coaching. I recently have had a lot of people writing me and asking to do all of the above, and this just felt like the perfect opportunity.” Moorman told PokerNews.

Pay Attention to Bet Sizing

Another online legend has decided to partake in some finger tapping of a different kind, only this time the person in question is quite experienced when it comes to writing a top quality beef about poker.

Dusty ‘Leatherass’ Schmidt has a back catalogue that contains the beauties ‘Treat Your Poker Like a Business’ and ‘Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth’, and that shelf is about to get a little heavier with the release of his next project “Pay Attention to Bet Sizing.”

Schmidt has teamed up with Paul Hoppe, the author of ‘The Way of the Poker Warrior,’ and the pair has decided to release the book one chapter at a time whilst the rest of the book remains ‘work in progress’.

“The hand examples are from hands I’ve played online, but the concepts apply everywhere. Bet sizing is a critical concept in all forms of no limit poker. You could say it’s more important online, because bet sizing and timing are the only types of tells you can really pick up. But you could also say it’s more important live because players have more divergent styles of bet sizing. Either way, it should be useful to anyone who plays no limit.” Schmidt commented on his Facebook Page.

The first chapter to be released to the general public is called ‘Critical Concepts’ and it carries the following introductory piece.

“Everyone knows that flexible bet sizing is the defining characteristic of No Limit Hold’em, but too few players take full advantage of it. In this #1 Critical Concept, we give you some guidelines about reading and making different bet sizes, then bust out 10 of Dusty’s actual hands to demonstrate these concepts in practice.”

The chapter is available for $2.99 and can be found at the following link.


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