Israel, Nevada hold casino gambling discussions

nevada-israel-flagIt might seem like an unlikely collaboration between two places with vastly divergent lifestyles, but recent meetings between Nevada governor Brian Sandoval and political leaders in Israel could lead to the introduction of gambling to the latter.

The interest is real coming from Israel, whose lawmakers are considering the idea of introducing casino gambling in the country.

That much appeared to be what Sandoval gathered from his recent visit to the country as part of a trade mission that ought to help diversify the respective economies of both Israel and the US. Sandoval was even accompanied by 50 business leaders to discuss potential business opportunities in the country.

The biggest take-away from Sandoval’s meeting with the Israeli political leaders was the interest shown by the latter in exploring the possibility of introducing gambling in the traditionally conservative country. A number of industries were discussed and focused on, including preliminary talks on how gaming could be a boon to Israel’s tourism. “I think it’s an area of interest,” David Siegel, the Los Angeles-based consul general, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal..

“It’s not in the tangible phase yet, but it’s something that we’re looking at.”

One town that’s being looked into as a potential casino site in Israel sits at the heart of the Negev Desert, a desert town that the Israeli government is developing into its own tourist mecca, similar to what Las Vegas was before it became Sin City. There’s already a luxury hotel there in Mitzpe Ramon, called the Bereshheet Hotel. And it’s in close proximity to arguably one of the most incredible sights anybody will ever see: the world’s largest crater.

Should there be some tangible progress regarding the country’s plan to introduce casinos in its land, it’s almost certain that it will likely take all that it has learned in these talks with Nevada mayor Sandoval and apply it on the framework they plan to execute see the project through.

At the very least, the country will have some pretty influential people on its side, including one Sheldon Adelson who is a huge benefactor in Israel and someone who, according to Siegel, is a “huge figure in the Jewish world, very well-known, and a deeply valued businessman.”

And if for nothing else, the talks between Nevada and Israel should benefit both parties, specifically potential opportunities to partner in business enterprises, as well as academic research and development, biotechnology, agriculture, medical technology, cyber security and drones.

“It’s amazing how similar we are,” Siegel said, describing Nevada and Israel. “We have a natural relationship.”

Hopefully, those similarities will include casinos in Israel’s future.