The U.S Strategic Command Demote Vice-Admiral Timothy Giardina After Casino Scam

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us-strategic-command-demote-vice-admiral-timothy-giardinaThe U.S Strategic Command has created history after Vice Admiral Timothy Giardina becomes the first person of his position to be demoted in the countries history.

If Jared Tendler is writing The Mental Game of Poker 3, then we had better hope that he includes a chapter on how to reduce tilt when in control of a nuclear warhead, after the recent shenanigans by Vice-Admiral Timothy Giardina.

I mean, come on, just how much are we paying these guys if they have to create a small time scam in a casino to win an extra few bucks?

It was Sep 29 that our very own Peter Amsel ruffled the gambling news feathers when he revealed that Vice-Admiral Tim Giardina has been suspended from duty, after allegedly being involved in a scam to extract money via less than honest means at the Caesars owned Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Then on Oct 2nd, Amsel followed up on that article with news that Pottawattamie County Attorney, Matt Wilber, had revealed that employees at the aforementioned casino, figured out that Giardina had been playing poker with at least $1,500 in fake casino chips, hence the fallout.

He also revealed that Criminal Investigation special agent, David Dales, had informed the Omaha World Herald that his office had decided not to press charges.


One can only imagine the byzantine behind the scenes maneuvers that occur once an Admiral is caught cheating in his local casino cash game.

The navy’s top spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, said that Giardina had been removed from his position and reassigned to navy staff, pending the outcome of a probe by the Naval Criminal Investigation Service.

The decision, which would have needed authorization from the Prez himself, means Giardina falls in rank to a two-star admiral. Any more philandering at Council Bluffs and he could find himself demoted to a mere Captain in no time, which I believe is just what happened to Jack Sparrow.

A former commander of Strategic Command, retired air force general Eugene Habiger, said he believes this is the first time in the history of the command that a deputy commander has been relieved of duty.

Sweet Jesus. Just how many of these Admirals have been caught cheating in poker?


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