Robin Agrees a Deal With Joe Ebanks to Take the 2013 PPC Aruba World Championship Title

Robin Agrees a Deal With Joe Ebanks to Take the 2013 PPC Aruba World Championship Title

Robin survives a final three-way battle with superstars Joe Ebanks and Joe Serock to take the $59,139 first prize at the PPC Aruba World Championships.

Robin Agrees a Deal With Joe Ebanks to Take the 2013 PPC Aruba World Championship TitleAnother poker tournament, and another German player headlining the poker news, this time against all the odds as Robin had to defeat eight Americans on his way to a first prize of $59,139, including the World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet holder Joe Ebanks, and the reigning PPC Aruba champion Joe Serock.

Here is how the action unfurled.

Stephen Sindler is First Out

It didn’t take long for the final table of nine to become a final table of eight, courtesy of a rather brusque exit from Stephen Sindler. David Tuthill opening the action, and then calling off a shove, holding ace-queen, and he was in a dominating position against the king-queen of Sindler. An ace on the flop extending Tuthill’s lead and despite a flush draw for Sindler on the turn he was our ninth place finisher taking $5,000 for his troubles.

Tuthill Take Franklin’s Scalp and the Chip Lead

Two levels later and David Tuthill made it 2/2 with the elimination of Ryan Franklin. It was pocket sevens for Franklin against the superior pocket tens for Tuthill and five community cards later we were down to seven players. Tuthill was the early chip leader.

Sterling Savill Out in Seventh

When the action folded around to Sterling Savill in the small blind he moved all-in with king-three off suit, and prayed that Joe Serock didn’t have a hand in the big. Serock looked down to see king-jack and it was good enough to make the call. Savill was sick as the five cards rolled out of the deck to cripple leave him with nothing but chip dust.

Savill then picked up ace-queen and moved the last of his change into the pot. Robin called with the scruffy looking ten-seven and a ten on the flop send Savill out in seventh place for $9,000.

Andy Seth Loses a Flip to Fall in Sixth

Our sixth place finisher was Andy Seth, who jammed over a Joe Ebanks raise holding pocket fives. The WSOP champion made the call with king-queen; fourth street brought regality and Seth was out for $11,000.

Tuthill From Hero to Zero

Next we had the surprise of the final table. David Tuthill was sitting comfortably second in chips when he five bet jammed in a hand against Robin. It was pocket jacks for Tuthill, kings for Robin and just like that Tuthill had gone from strong favorite to fifth place finisher for $14,000. Robin was the big chip leader.

RJ Sullivan Doubles Serock and then Splits

Joe Serock doubled through RJ Sullivan JJ v 55 to put Sullivan in a perilous position. Robin, the man to take advantage, when his A7 out foxed the K2 of Sullivan to send him home in fourth place for $18k.

The Defending Champion is Out

When the three-way action started it may have been Robin who had all the chips, but he was going to have to do this the hard way, as he faced both Serock and Ebanks.

His first tactic was to step aside and let the Americans knock ten bells out of each other. And it worked with Ebanks doubling through Serock KT v AK when he was fortunate to spike a ten on the flop; Ebanks then took the lead after getting three streets of value from Robin in a hand holding pocket kings, with Robin flopping top pair with jack-ten, before Ebanks eliminated Serock after his pocket treys managed to avoid any pitfalls against the queen-ten of the reigning champion. No back-to-back win, but a first and a third not bad for Serock.

What no Heads-Up Action?

When the heads-up action started Robin had the chip lead with 1.275m facing off against the 925k of Ebanks. Then after a few back and fore pots the pair decided to call it a day, split the money and award Robin the title so they could finally lie down underneath that gorgeous sunshine.

Final Standings

1. Robin – $59,139

2. Joe Ebanks – $50,861

3. Joe Serock – $26,000

4. RJ Sullivan – $18,000

5. David Tuthill – $14,000

6. Andy Seth – $11,000

7. Sterling Savill – $9,000

8. Ryan Franklin – $7,000

9. Stephen Sindler – $5,000