Aaron Hernandez Mother Terri Worked At Sports Betting Ring

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hernandez-mommy-worked-as-bookieThe Hernandez family has been through the ringer the past few months having to deal with the murder charge slapped on former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. But now it looks like Aaron isn’t the only one in the family with skeletons in their closet.

His mother, Terri, an administrative secretary at a local school in Connecticut, apparently has her own skeletons dating back to her involvement in operating an illegal sports book back in 2001. Mother Hernandez was arrested on gambling charges 12 years ago for accepting bets on basketball and football games and while her case never went to trial, this latest development has turned the bizarre murder saga involving her son into one straight out of a Jerry Springer episode.

The Daily Mail, citing a Hartford Courant story back in 2001, mentioned Hernandez, 42 at that time, as having been charged with professional gambling, possession of gambling records and using the telephone to transmit gambling information.

Hernandez was working with a man named Martin “Marty” Hovanesian Jr., 53 at that time and was a local restaurant manager, as responsible for running the operation that Hernandez was working for. Hovanesian was eventually charged with corrupted organization racketeering activity where pled guilty to the charges and was fined $10,000.

Although Terri Hernandez was described merely as a “low-level ranking player in the state-wide gambling ring”, her criminal past as an under-the-table bookie is about as weird a foreshadowing of a family’s criminal nature that her son has (allegedly) taken to a wholes new level with the mess he’s involved in.

To her credit, she appears to have put her past life behind her and has lived in relative anonymity as an administrative secretary at the South Side Elementary School in Bristol, Connecticut despite one of her sons turning into one of the NFL’s premier tight ends.

And then the case surrounding Aaron Hernandez exploded into mainstream consciousness and her past was once again unwittingly brought up, raising questions on what other secrets the Hernandez household has tucked inside their closets.

Kind of makes the Kardashians look tame by comparison.


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