SPORTS writers pick Super Bowl XLVI

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tight ends

Most people have these guys…

For the online gambling industry the Super Bowl is like the best conference party you ever attended, followed by a strip club full of insanely hot girls. That’s before you finish off at 5am with the best sex of your life! That goes close to giving you how pumped up the sportsbook industry gets over the most watched TV event of the year. It embodies everything the sportsbook industry aims for and is the culmination of the past year toiling away to make your product the best.

Being a sporting event of gargantuan proportions also means that everyone has an opinion on how it’ll pan out. Will Madonna be wearing fishnets? Can Kelly Clarkson go the whole anthem without a massive eff up? Thankfully we also got our thinking caps on and came up with who we think is gonna take home the Lombardi. If you go by last year’s predictions then your guess is as good as ours. So here goes the Super Bowl Predictor Extraordinaire 2012…

Jason Kirk – Game 1 of the Super Bowl will be close, but I think Game 2 is where the real action will be. Wait – what? They don’t play a series to determine the champion? What kind of sport is this? Well, if you can get decent odds on me gaining weight from the great food at my neighbor’s Super Bowl party, by all means log a bet!

Vince MartinGiants 24, Patriots 20. Eli throws two fourth quarter TD’s, beating former wide receiver Julian Edelman on one and Raiders castoff Sterling Moore on the other, leading to an avalanche of articles wondering if Belichick is truly the genius everybody thinks.

Bonus prediction: Jets fans like me will spend the entire weekend crying into their beer and trying to crank call Santonio Holmes.

Jamie Hinks – Before we start I’m gonna say the Pats by 7. The formula I’m going for is this. 2012 is the year that England has it all. The Queen’s got one of those celebration days when everyone goes crazy, the Olympics are coming to London and it can’t be a matter of coincidence that Brady’s in the Super Bowl. All that said, there are storylines aplenty here and as the Pats know a streaking Giants team is not who you want to play in the big game.

Mike O’Donnell – I’m a big Brady fan and as a result am going to say that it will be a Pats win. However their defence is worryingly poor in the secondary so Eli and his wide receivers could post some big numbers. With this in mind it will probably be a high scoring game so I’m saying Pats to win 30-24. Brady or Pats tight end Rob Gronkowski to be MVP.

Rebecca Liggero – Being the Bostonian that I am, clearly my prediction is that the Pats will bring this one home- the over/under is high so they will likely go under but I’d say we’re looking at 24-20 Pats.  NE fans know how volatile Bill Belichick can be, so he may unleash Chad Ochocinco who could show us 9 catches, 132 yards and 2 touch downs to secure him the MVP.  Other players to watch include Danny Woodhead who I have a special love for do to our similar vertical challenges, Tom Brady who will undoubtedly be redeeming himself after a poor performance last week against the Ravens and Rob Gronkowski who is nursing a sore ankle.

Nicks and Manning

…but don’t count these guys out

Lee Bell – With the game being that of two outstanding quarterbacks – New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and New York Giants’ Eli Manning – I think it’ll boil down to if the Giants can put pressure on Brady. If they don’t, Patriots will take the game. On the other hand, if Manning can connect with his wide receiver, Victor Cruz, the Giants, too, have an outstanding chance.

It’s going to be a close one, but if I had to put my life savings on it, I’d go for Patriots. They have a strong, all-round offence and with their tight-end Rob Gronkowski returning to practice, they’re getting my vote.

Bill Beatty – I’m a big fan of the storylines that go along with the big game. Terrific Tom is trying to match Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with four Super Bowl rings. He’s looking for redemption for their Super Bowl XLII disappointment. Those are great but with the Giants you have the younger Manning brother looking to top his big brother with his second Super Bowl ring in Big Brother’s stadium against big brother’s archrival. Eli will put on his big boy pants and win this game late. Don’t worry about Brady because no matter the results on the field, he’s going home to Giselle, he’s running up the score in the game of life.

Steven Stradbrooke – Frankly, I can’t see how the Patriots can beat the Giants. Patriotism is a noble virtue and all, but, c’mon… They’re GIANTS. (Hat-tip to Diane Chambers.)

Last but not least we’ll leave it to Calvin to either make it a tie or seal it for the Pats. Take it away…

I like the Patriots -3…pick off anything better than -3 you can find out there.

There you have it. We’re taking the Pats by a score of FIVE TO THREE and are well behind Gisele Bundchen’s man. Who you got?


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