Interview with Galen Hall at the WPT Venice Grand Prix – Day 1B

Galen Hall has earned $3.7 million in live tournament earnings in a little over four-years. The poker world is littered with players who have ploughed that sort of money back into the game only to see it fritter away. But not Hall; Hall is a smart cookie.

With just three-months left before Hall graduates from business school, he has slung his backpack over his neatly pressed suit jacket and headed out into the big wide world. The World Poker Tour (WPT) Venice Grand Prix fitted into a five to six day window that sees Hall and his friends visiting Jordan, Lebanon, Istanbul and now Cairo.

On the poker front the Venetian stop wasn’t a very successful one after Hall ran pocket aces into pocket kings, only for a king to show up on the flop, early into Day 1B proceedings.

“Whatever,” Said Hall.

Hall has bigger things on his mind than a €3,000 buy-in tournament. He is a member of the Betables team. A start up company with it’s H.Q in the U.K that is designed to offer social mobile game developers the opportunity to offer real money gaming on their games.

“The companies that offer the best games don’t necessarily have the money, time or manpower to get real money gaming licenses and build all the back end to support that.” Said Hall.

And that’s where Hall and his team at Betables come in with their U.K Gaming license. They aim to be the team that turns a social activity into a social activity where you can win a few bucks from your friend.

But that’s enough of my ramblings. Just hit the play button and listen to the smart young man explain it all on his lonesome.