Betting Promotion announces agreement to supply Plus-Five Gaming

Betting Promotion announces agreement to supply Plus Five Gaming

Betting Promotion has signed an agreement with Plus-Five Gaming to supply its services to its newly developed sportsbook product. “We are delighted to welcome Plus-Five Gaming as one of our partners. We have been talking to the Group for many months whilst they ensured that developing a sportsbook was the best approach for their business. Over recent months we have worked closely to ensure they understood the requirements clients expect of their software suppliers. ”, said CMO, Richard Hogg.

Andy Jones, CEO of Plus-Five Gaming ( added, “Ensuring we had a partner who could help us deliv23er a bespoke product for all our clients was a key component of selecting Betting Promotion. We had discussions with a number of potential partners for this product, eventually concluding Betting Promotion was best equipped to deliver odds and risk management services. We understand that they specialise in this area whilst leaving the technology to ourselves.”

Betting Promotion has just returned from exhibiting in Macau at the 2013 iGaming Asia Congress, where Richard Hogg was on a panel hosted by Betfair founder Mark Davies.


BETTINGPROMOTION makes markets, manages risk and provides liquidity for bookmakers and betting exchanges. Actively trading in sports since 2003, Betting Promotion have a proven track record providing a tailored service of bespoke prices at any specified margin. Betting Promotion provides this service via their two products: BETPUSH for a fixed monthly fee and BETPOWER on a risk free profit share model. Trading up to €1 billion annually, Betting Promotion creates thousands of markets for sporting events both pre-live and live, providing over 10,000 events every month.

For further information please contact:

Richard Hogg
CMO, Betting Promotion
T: +44 77 20 44 66 37
E: [email protected]

Plus-Five Gaming is a UK based white-label casino provider with a Class 1 licence from the LGA in Malta, offering companies and brands the most cost-effective way to enter the world of Online Gaming, by providing a complete end-to-end White Label service.

Plus-Five Gaming offers fully branded and customised mobile and Internet gaming sites with full Payment Processing and Customer Services.

Plus-Five Gaming is powered by the AliQuantum-Gaming platform, a full function, high quality platform with a Class 4 licence from the LGA and a proven record of effective delivery.

For further information please contact:

Andy Jones
CEO, Plus-Five Gaming
T: +44 8435 326448
E: [email protected]